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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Google I/O and WWDC 2015 – What were the new launches and upcoming announcements?

Google and Apple Inc. are the two giants of the tech world. They always follow a unique style that announces...

12th, June 2015
If you want to win a website award, then you should drink something cool

Wondering why we wrote the title as “If you want to win a website award, then you should drink something...

1st, June 2015
The hype for Android next has started – Here are some interesting facts about Android’s M

Android!!! The name that most people like to hear. The way they name their versions is something that is unique...

27th, May 2015
iBeacon Technology
iBeacon – A device that helps nearby people with required information

As the creator of many new and advanced devices, Apple Inc. has never failed to impress people with their inventions....

25th, May 2015
Apple App Development
Apple Watch has Reached People and the Apps for It Are on the Roll

People would always love to wear a smart watch that makes their day easier. Apple will always be the pioneer...

11th, May 2015
Magento Migration – The advantages and steps involved

It is obvious that eCommerce is taking up its head and changing the face of commerce world. The modern world...

7th, May 2015
2015 Predictions Says Everything about WordPress In Terms Of a Complete CMS Website

Long back, many would have known WordPress just as blogging site. But, in recent time WordPress is more of a...

5th, May 2015
Get ready for the Next Generation Computing – Augmented & Virtual Reality Systems are on the Roll

Companies are up on the mark of dreaming about the next generation gadgets which will give a new insight to...

30th, April 2015
Eclipse or Android Studio? Listen to the Google’s Voice and take control

Google is trying to take everything in to its control when it comes to Android and the related developments. As...

29th, April 2015
Swift - iOS App Development
Swift – an innovative programming language for iOS

What comes to your mind when you hear the word iPhone? The great Apple Smartphone and its easy and fun...

22nd, April 2015
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