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Codeigniter PHP Framework

CodeIgniter MVC Framework Development

Being a open source web application framework (WAF), Codelgniter is a modern framework based on Model-View-Controller (MVC). It allows the web developers to build dynamic web applications and functional websites using PHP. This PHP framework comes with a lot of pre-built libraries that help developers in eliminating the laborious task.

Why not any other framework but Codelgniter for web applications?

CodeIgniter serves great features when compared to other PHP frameworks and here are some of the major highlights of choosing Codelgniter over other frameworks.

  • Codelgniter has a small footprint.
  • Codelgniter performance is the best to the core.
  • Codelgniter comes with pre-built libraries for easy functioning.
  • Codelgniter is flexible and never offers any restrictions.
  • Codelgniter is simple and easy to learn.
CodeIgniter Web Application Development is an excellent open source framework. It is flexible to convert web applications into real-time concepts. The CodeIgniter helps you develop an efficient website at a faster rate. It provides its users an ease of use and features applications that include e-commerce friendly environment. Provided it is light weight, flexible and supports connections from multiple platforms. CodeIgniter Development Services at India have a greater response from its users. Development companies have started to recruit developers who excel skills in developing CodeIgniter. We are glad that we are one leading Offshore CodeIgniter Development company providing best services in India. We develop interactive APIs as well.

Why K2B Solutions is the best for Codelgniter MVC framework development?

K2B Solutions has a team of experienced experts in handling Codelgniter to create robust websites and web applications for our clients. The major advantage of using our services is that we build websites that prevent hackers attack, helping our clients to have secured websites. K2B Solutions offers the below services that credit to the clients’ businesses.

  • We create add-on libraries and helpers that helps in integrating plugins, payment gateway and more.
  • We use hierarchical model-view-controller (HMVC).
  • We deliver website with higher loading speed.
  • We offer portal and eCommerce development.
  • We also provide maintenance and support.

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