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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a process of developing a website that doesn’t break on any devices i.e. websites adapt to devices of various sizes. Be it a desktop or a mobile device like Smartphone, tablet, etc., the website offers optimum viewing experience.

Responsive Web Design enables you to create websites that are compatible for devices of all sizes. It automatically adjusts the image sizes, resolution and scripting abilities of the website when the user switches from laptop to mobile to view the same website.

Responsive Web design has three key technical features:

Media queries: It allows the web pages to use various CSS style rules based on the capabilities of the device on which you view the website. It adjusts the size, resolution, color depth and aspect ratio of the website.

Fluid or liquid layout: It defines all container widths or page element sizes in terms of percentage values. Therefore, when you stretch a layout across a wide-screen or squeeze it in a small screen, then all the elements in the layout will automatically resize their widths based on the screen size.

Flexible images: It allows you to set images that reside in the maximum display width. This helps images to get resized consequently based on the devices used to view websites.

Why we are the best responsive web design services company?

As our clients require their websites optimized for mobile devices and tablets, we use the Responsive Web design approach and develop custom mobile websites that improve users’ experience. We implement the technology in the websites that respond to the user’s preference.

K2B Solutions, the best responsive web design services company in India, also think about what the user requires first when visiting your website and accordingly we design the layout of the website. We modify the fonts or interactive areas of the website that have a good response to a touch environment.

We create responsive designs with HTML5/CSS3 media queries. Therefore, we provide our clients with intelligent and responsive websites that facilitate their customers to view the websites on any web-enabled devices on the move.