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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

What is AMP Page?

AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages are getting its attention these days. AMP is a project from Google and Twitter which is designed to develop really fast mobile pages. To be more specific, it is a stripped down form of HTML otherwise known as the diet HTML.

The HTML page is designed to be super lightweight and load critical designs even faster. The pages are designed to be an open source platform. Hence this builds up the openness towards the project.

The AMP Schema - How It Works?

AMP HTML: A keyed format of actual HTML which involves restrictions, added advantages, and custom tags.

AMP JS: JavaScript for mobile pages that handle anachronic loading and resources.

AMP CDN: Optional CDN is where AMP web pages are moved for cache clearing and optimizing performances.

What Are The Benefits Of AMP Page?

  • Lightning Speed: The biggest advantage of using AMP in website pages is they load at a lightning speed. This is the ultimate purpose of creating AMP pages. As you are aware that users abandon pages that take time to load and it is necessary to have a fast loading page especially if you own a business.
  • Improve SERP Results: AMP is not just the ranking factor. The Ranking factors also include mobile friendliness and page loading speed - time.
  • Universal Compatibility: As AMP Pages load faster and contain customized content, it is accessible on all devices, OS, and Platforms across the world without compatibility issues.
  • Gashed Bandwidth: The time required to load these pages are minimal and requires minimal bandwidth consumption for users. It saves around 90% of what was required earlier.
  • Sustains Multi-Format Ads: The prime objective of AMP project was to support wide sectional ad-formats which weren't that effective on web pages.

Why is AMP Page Faster?

The fast loading of an AMP page does not depend on one factor, rather they are integrated towards many. The following are some of the reason that AMP page is faster.

The Wide Use Of Preconnect: The Preconnect API is used extensively to make sure HTTP requests are faster when they are made. This helps lazy load request faster when they are made.

Lazy Load: Resource are lazy loaded as when they are viewed by users or when the document is left idle.

Preconnect: Preconnect link relation type is used as origin indicator that is used to fetch required resources. In order to establish the initial connection, it includes DNS lookup, TCP Handshake, and optional TLS negotiation allows a user agent to mask high latency costs on fixing a connection.

The client specialist should endeavor to start a preconnect and play out the full association handshake (DNS+TCP for HTTP, and DNS+TCP+TLS for HTTPS causes) at whatever point conceivable, however, is permitted to choose to play out a halfway handshake (DNS just for HTTP, and DNS or DNS+TCP for HTTPS inceptions), or skip it completely, because of asset limitations or different reasons.

Inline Stylesheets: Online inline style sheets are allowed in AMP. It explicitly removes multiple HTTP requests from critical rendering path.

Instant Loading Through Prerendering: AMP is optimized to make relatively cheap and reliable prerender resource. This renders the page before the user could navigate through the page. By this, it is clear that the page is already available by the time the user actually selects the page. It actually leads to instant loading.

Prerendering can be adapted to any of the web pages but still, it requires a lot of bandwidth and CPU space. Whereas, the AMP is optimized to break both the factors.

If you wish to check a web page whether it is an AMP or not you could just enter the URL in the Google’s test bar and check for it.

Google’s AMP Test Tool

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