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AngularJS UI Framework


Angular JavaScript is a powerful client side technology that is used to provide functional things to enhance and extend HTML, CSS, and Java Scripts. It is a JavaScript open source web application development framework maintained by the search giant, Google. This JavaScript is mainly used for developing single page web applications with multiple functionalities. The primary goal is to simplify development and testing by offering client side MVC architecture along with rich internet application components.

Why AngularJS?

For static documents, HTML will be the best but it fails when we try to use it for dynamic views in web applications. This is where AngularJS comes into play. It is mainly used to extend the HTML vocabulary for your applications. It offers easy to develop 2 way data binding, MVVM, templates, dependency injections and more and these are the features that makes AngularJS to stand out from the crowd of other frameworks. Here are some of the major advantages of using AngularJS over other frameworks.

  • AngularJS handles dependencies.
  • Developers are allowed to use UI declaratives.
  • AngularJS enables design – development workflow.
  • AngularJS enables parallel development.
  • AngularJS is primarily used for single page applications.

What we offer at K2B Solutions?

K2B Solutions is ranked among one of the leading web development companies in India and has an expert team to handle every projects with utmost care. We believe in quality end product and we practice the same. Here are some of the AngularJS services that we offer at K2B Solutions.

  • Consolidate AngularJS development services
  • Customized web application development
  • AJAX development
  • Portal Development
  • Creative CMS development
  • Shopping cart development
  • Plugins development