CakePHP Web Development


CakePHP is an open source framework based on the core PHP framework and MVC architecture. MVC architecture mainly focuses on model, view, and controller of the particular project to provide logical separation of code from the end user. Here are some of the highlighted features that state why CakePHP development is preferred leaving other frameworks behind.

  • The database is easy to use and the coding is also less.
  • Database authorization and authentication are inbuilt.
  • Validation features are also inbuilt.
  • It is an Object Relational Mapping framework.
  • It comes with flexible ACL and caching.
Cake PHP tracks Model View Controller as its software design pattern. The pattern partitions the application into major components. This Model is framed to support data related logic that works. You make changes to data from the database. The second phase which is the 'View' supports the data rendering process on screen. The 'Controller' operates and reacts to the actions and alters data before interaction. It is actually an interface between model and view components.
Moreover, Cake PHP is found to be the easy to configure framework and that is why most users have selected CakePHP as their web framework. It is because there is no engagement of codes and configuration required for which you will have to locate a library or significant URL of the website.

Reasons to choose Cake PHP:

Many would come up with a common question on selecting the framework, which is obviously,"Why should I choose Cake PHP Framework?". Here is the answer to your question. Cake PHP Website Development to reinforce your business.

What Makes Cake PHP More Appealing For Web Development?

Suitable Extensions:

It is easy to extend project with components, behavior, and plug-ins on Cake PHP framework. You can even create parts on reusable code which can be used on multiple projects. Further, you could create libraries using these components rather than Cake's extending libraries.

The libraries could be shared among models, controllers, views and other projects as well. As there are a lot of plugins, helpers, and components available on Cake PHP the need for writing codes from the scratch will not be required.

Easy to Configure:

The biggest reason for choosing Cake PHP is easy configuration process. With Cake PHP you could manage the database connection settings. Apart from that, the functionalities are automated in Cake PHP. This makes you work faster and even makes your work simple to an extent.

CRUD Scaffolding:

CRUD is driven from the major activities involved in web applications such as Create, Read, Update and Delete. This gives you a preliminary view of your web application. The bake.php core library has now turned/console/cake which makes modification much simpler than before. And then performing modifications on your applications turns faster.

Compatibility over different PHPs:

Many developers have misunderstood that Cake PHP works only on PHP4. But it is not exactly the way they believe. Cake PHP is now adaptable on both PHP4 and PHP5. This has improved the performance level along with credibility.

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Our core CakePHP services:

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