RESTful Web Services

RESTFUL Web Services

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST was introduced a decade back and now it is considered to be the most desired technology for web applications. Since the technologies are moving towards an API orientation, REST has started gaining its popularity and most likely to grow as a primary web service. It is mainly used to create web services that are lightweight and scalable. RESTful is nothing but a service based on REST and it uses HTTP as its defying/underlying protocol.

Why RESTful web services?

Services are generally used to provide a window to the clients to help them accesses the resources like pictures, videos, web pages, or anything. RESTful web services promises more than what the client expects. Here are some of the highlighted features of this web service

  • Messages
  • Representations
  • URIs
  • Links between resources
  • Stateless
  • Uniform interface
  • Caching
The benefits of using RESTful web services are as follows
  • RESTful web services offer solutions to identify resource through URLs
  • RESTful web services provide uniform interface
  • RESTful web services allow self-descriptive messages
  • RESTful web services offer interactions through hyperlinks

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