Monthly Archives: August 2015

Android Mashmallow
Android M is officially named as Marshmallow – A sweet treat for Android lovers

Android M! Android M!! Android M!!! It was M all over the mobile world, and there was an enormous discussion...

31st, August 2015
Features of a perfect website design explained – Fonts | Colors | Images

Let it be a visual appearance or even a web appearance, it is so common that appearance matters for anything....

25th, August 2015
Website Designing Tips
Important hacks to improve your business through your website

As the world is moving towards a modern era, the websites are now becoming the leading source of business and...

19th, August 2015
React – A dedicated JavaScript for creating user interfaces of single-page web applications

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language used in web browsers to allow client-side scripts to communicate with users and also...

13th, August 2015
Web Design Predictions 2016
Future of web designing – How is it going to be in 2016?

In 2014 and early 2015 the websites have taken up something new, and there have been many implementations that attracted...

12th, August 2015
For the web designers out there, the listed free tools are sure to impress you

The website has taken a new role in this modern world especially the business market gains a lot from their...

7th, August 2015