Android M is officially named as Marshmallow – A sweet treat for Android lovers

Android M! Android M!! Android M!!! It was M all over the mobile world, and there was an enormous discussion about what would be the Android’s Next? Whether it would be Milky Way or M&M’s or Mint or Mousse or Mustard or Marshmallow. Finally, after a long wait and buzz, Google’s mobile division named the Android M as Android Marshmallow. Marshmallow – a sweet and soft sugar based candy. Marshmallow will be a sweet product as that of its predecessors KitKat and Lollipop.

Android Mashmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow was officially announced a couple of days back, and it received a massive response. Now, the final preview of the next Android is available now, and Android application developers are asked to stay focused on its improvements. Initially, the Android M features were revealed during the Google I/O 2015, a conference that share about Google product updates.

As the final version of the developers preview is available now, the original OS is expected to have many new and creative features. A blog post in the Android forum stated, “Compared to the previous developer preview update, you will find this final API update somewhat incremental.”

Creative Android Marshmallow and its reliable features

The Android has now become the most used mobile operating System (OS) in the market and also it is considered as the most user-friendly mobile user interface. Here are some of the features that will come along with Android Marshmallow.

Application Program Interface (API) advancements:

Android Marshmallow is said to have the most interesting APIs as from the news of the Developer Preview 3 (final version) community. Google said, “Final Permissions User Interface – we updated the permissions user interface and enhanced some of the permissions’ behavior.” The fingerprint API has been updated which helps in better usage of fingerprints for error reporting and also in the enhancements of greater readability.

Pay using your Android mobile:

Following the success of Apple Pay, now Android is also ready to launch its mobile payment feature called as “Android Pay”. Your Smartphone interacts with the NFC device to make the desired payment. This process doesn’t store the real account number instead it uses a virtual account number to make the payment from your account, It increases the ability of secure payment and the retailer will not be able to store your account number.

Inside features in Android Marshmallow:

Google has now intentionally concentrated on the APIs and the new look and feel of the user interface (UI). Here are some of the features that are sure to impress the Android Marshmallow users.

  • Rotating home screen
  • Visual voice mail
  • Lighter shade menu background
  • Status bar icons customization
  • New look for the storage manager
  • Fixed app drawer

So, when will the update be available for the standard end user? Google is set to launch the Android Marshmallow operating system (OS) in fall, and the dates are now tentative. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to put our hands on the new Android Marshmallow.