Features of a perfect website design explained – Fonts | Colors | Images

Let it be a visual appearance or even a web appearance, it is so common that appearance matters for anything. The website has now become the primary source for marketing and business establishments. Due to this change, the websites are forced to be very creative and more & more attractive. Every web designer has their imagination and creative ways of designing the website. The time taken for designing a complete website depends on the features used and sometimes it is timeless as the trends change continuously.


From hand-drawn illustrations to the semi-flat graphics, the web design industry is evolving drastically. The appearance of each and every website depends on various factors and concurrent features used. The following are the features explained that influence the success of the perfect web design. These features will help many web designing companies and even individual web designers to create an excellent, user-friendly website that attracts everyone.




Many say that a good design is simple and has some white space, and few other say that a good design is understated and hard to explain. As a web designing company, we would say every design are something unique from the designers point of view. But, the primary factor differentiating the perfect design with the poorly designed website is FONTS.

Why Fonts?

Fonts play a vital role in the overall appearance of the designed website. The font you choose for your website should go well with the brand as the fonts creates a communicative message. As the content marketing is reaching heights, the role of content on a website and brand stability is considered important. Be it an eCommerce website or even a website stating services, people usually read the content present to know more. The more the font appeals, the more the user gets engaged resulting in larger conversions.

What Fonts?

In recent times, there are many fonts being designed and developed that are attractive and are sticking to the trends. But, unfortunately, the premium fonts cost $50 to even $200, that might be very hard for a budget friendly website design. Independent designer individually handcraft the fonts which reflect in the font price and there are also many designers who are generous enough to provide few free fonts (useful and creative fonts) as to showcase their entire collection (a way of marketing). Too exotic fonts may not be supported by many modern browsers. Be careful in choosing a font for the website.

The fonts listed below some of the best free fonts available in the market that you need to consider for your next project.

  • Rex – a sharp angles font for logos and paragraph heading
  • Infinity – a clean font that might play some real role in consumer interactions
  • Dosis – a solid font that a tech company can use
  • Aleo – a versatile font for any type pf project
  • Adam – the bold fonts for website heading and even navigation menus


Same as that of fonts, the color scheme of your website is also crucial to keep people engaged and attracted. A statistical report says that a website is sure to perform the conversion when it is appealing in colors. The color scheme of the website matters a lot in the overall design factor. Maintaining a color scheme attracts not only your potential and new customers but also delivers a clear message about your company or brand.

Why Colors?

Most commonly, color is considered as the point of attraction and a central part of people’s life. Everyone relies on colors as it is used as a medium to convey messages in different shades. As in human history, the artists and painters have gained their remarkable recognition according to their personal strength of manipulating colors. The modern era has turned up the view of colors and the ability to recognize them. Initially, the colors played a major role in the advertising industry, and now it has turned up its head towards the web designing industry. In web designing or UI designing, the color theory sticks to three major parts namely

  • Contrast – It helps in identifying the state of the website.
  • Complementation – Complementary colors accents each other and bring out a new possibility.
  • Vibrancy – It states the mood of the website and the reader too.

What Colors?

The website colors should always portray the mood of the business and their services/products. Picking a color for a website is a tedious process as it determines how and in what mood your audiences get attracted. The color determines your audiences attraction and their response towards your services and products. Physiologically, the colors affect the human nature of getting attracted and the following listed colors, and their emotions are briefed as a result of the physiological study.

  • Black (Hex Value: #000000) – With the power, black portrays edginess and sophistication.
  • White (Hex Value: #FFFFFF) – It is generally used in simple designs and also to represent cleanliness.
  • Red (Hex Value: #FF0000) – This color promotes the power and importance of something.
  • Green (Hex Value: #00FF00) – Perfect for the financial sector, green is used to display growth, stability, and environmental factors.
  • Blue (Hex Value: #0000FF) – For bringing calmness and safety, web designers prefer blue in different shades.
  • Orange (Hex Value: #FF9900) – A color of friendliness, orange is used to promote uniqueness and energy.
  • Yellow (Hex Value: #FFFF00) – This color would go well to portray happiness and enthusiasm.
  • Purple (Hex Value: #800080) – It is mostly used to promote romance and luxury.


A simple way to attract customers is through high-quality photography. A visual representation of a brand and the store or office means a lot to the customers and audiences who view your website. The second half of 2015 and 2015 till now witnessed many website using large and clear images that made a brand statement to the viewers.

Why Images?

Now, you know the use of fonts and colors on your website, and it’s time to concentrate more on images as they create a huge visual on website conversions. Not just images but high-quality images! Thanks to the increasing broadband speed as it loads high-quality pictures in no matter of time. Specially when it comes to eCommerce retailers and even the partner stores, images are the primary source of sales as it helps the customer to view the product virtually.

What Images?

Now the trend is moving towards using original photos i.e. many prefer to use their photos by hiring some professional photographer. This helps the company be unique and stand out from the crowd. There are also many website that have offers stock photos either free or on the license. The following are some of the useful stock images websites

Visual appeal a lot to your customer that any other medium. If you have a website with a perfect font, clear color and high-quality images, then you are on the side that converts business through websites.