React – A dedicated JavaScript for creating user interfaces of single-page web applications

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language used in web browsers to allow client-side scripts to communicate with users and also to control the browser and the content displayed. With the first-class functions and dynamic typing, JavaScript aka ECMAScript is a prototype-based scripting language. JavaScript is derived from the very old C programming language, and the semantics is obtained from Self and Scheme programming language. Java and JavaScript are not same. They only share the standard libraries and syntactic.

React JS

What is React.js?

React JavaScript is an open source programming library created by Jordan Walke, who works as a software engineer at Facebook. It was developed to help in the creation of stateful and reusable UI components. Initially, Facebook used it for some of its production purposes and later Instagram was developed with React.

How React.js works?

A concept called Virtual DOM was introduced to support React JavaScript. It helps keep your components at one place and also up to date which reduces DOM manipulation. For example, Virtual DOM is like a wax statue. It entirely mirrors the current state of the DOM making it an updated component holder.

What if some changes have to be done to the original component? The React does two major things. One, it runs a diffing algorithm that records the changes made and second, it updates the results in the real DOM with the exact differences. This step is called as reconciliation.

Why React.js?

React JavaScript is used to create large applications that depend on regular data changes and also, React only handles User Interfaces (UI) of the developed app. Functioning similar to the model-view-controller (MVC) software pattern, this JavaScript library can also work in conjunction with large libraries and MVC frameworks like AngularJS.

React JavaScript library is used for building large user interfaces. The primary advantages of using ReactJS are listed below

  • React is an advantageous JavaScript for developing large user interfaces for complicated applications.
  • React uses not the real DOM but a virtual DOM. It acts independently of the browser’s DOM making significant application implementation easy and possible.
  • Traditional data binding takes the time to work. ReactJS uses one-way data flow to reduce hassle and becomes easier to implement when compared to the traditional data binding.

Why are developers switching to React.js?

Many react js development companies love to explore new languages and scripts. If one such developer is looking to explore one such script, then React is the best choice from the lot. The following are the reasons for the developers to love ReactJS

  • The future of web development is entirely focused on Components. The ReactJS uses a virtual or shadow DOM to reduce implementation size and time.
  • ReactJS is one of the simplest and efficient JavaScript library.
  • React JavaScript is search engine friendly and will help a lot in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • ReactJS library makes coding JavaScript easier and offers many tools that help everything possible.
  • React JavaScript was developed and maintained by the great minds of Facebook.