Future of web designing – How is it going to be in 2016?

In 2014 and early 2015 the websites have taken up something new, and there have been many implementations that attracted users. Unfortunately, there are many websites that just took the themes from WordPress and made some minor changes to implement as their website. Because of this act, the sites lack uniqueness and sometimes also the clarity of the field content. Only a few business website didn’t fall into the category, as they preferred being unique rather being one among the other hundred.

Web Design Predictions 2016

In recent times, the website designing trends are changing as a result of impressing the public or to be more precise, to impress their customers and clients. Every year the trends are catching up and the competition is moving to different levels. Few trends followed in the current year may be ignored in the next year or sometimes it might be considered for improvisation.

The mobile technology and the social media’s influence on the organization are increasing day by day, and these two have become the major part of every website. As the result of the growing mobile market, the importance of the site being responsive is considerably strong. If your site is not mobile-friendly, then the website is sure to be kicked out or considered as outdated. The same happens in the Social Media. If the company is not active, then the company is considered outdated.

What is going to be the future of web designing? What will be the new trends and techniques? The web design prediction for 2016 is here, and the following are the answers which solve these mysterious questions.

Kick away the duplicates – Be original

As stated already in the previous paragraphs, many websites adopt a theme from the WordPress and make some minor changes like color and images manipulations. This act has destroyed the originality of the websites over the World Wide Web (WWW). There are websites that follow their design trend that makes them stand out from the crowded web world. Our views on the future state that site will follow to be original. Hopefully, web designing in 2016 will adopt original designs rather than that of some pre-built themes.

Say bye-bye to long websites – Keep it short

Long websites and website without any interactions are getting to tap the feet as the users get fluctuated and bored while they walk through the site. Interactions reduce the bounce rates and hence proved that they are sure to bring in some good amount of business. We have an opinion that boring sites are sure to given send-off. Along with the current trend, the sites in future are sure to have interactive elements and massive user interactions.

Realist designs are running away – Let’s welcome flat designs

The evolution turns revolution now. The time has come to say bye to the very old flat design and as per our predictions, the flat designs are going to rule the future of web designing. The recent versions of the mobile OS like Android and iOS concentrated more on flat designs considering the scope of future. Many live websites have already started focusing more on the future of designing i.e. Flat designs are being implemented in many websites worldwide.

These are some design trends that are sure to rule the future as per our predictions. High resolutions images, original designs, mobile impact, and interactivity are the primary scope of web designing in 2016 and future.