Monthly Archives: April 2015

Get ready for the Next Generation Computing – Augmented & Virtual Reality Systems are on the Roll

Companies are up on the mark of dreaming about the next generation gadgets which will give a new insight to...

30th, April 2015
Eclipse or Android Studio? Listen to the Google’s Voice and take control

Google is trying to take everything in to its control when it comes to Android and the related developments. As...

29th, April 2015
Swift - iOS App Development
Swift – an innovative programming language for iOS

What comes to your mind when you hear the word iPhone? The great Apple Smartphone and its easy and fun...

22nd, April 2015
Google launched its new algorithm – Make your website mobile friendly or stay out from search results

Google is up on the mark of its new mobile-friendly algorithm which is sure to shake the life of every...

21st, April 2015
Parallax Scrolling Data
Parallax Scrolling – Revolution in Website Designing and Developing

What is parallax scrolling? Parallax scrolling is something that is becoming more popular in recent times that too in web...

17th, April 2015
Content Marketing Will Take Your Business to Higher Standards?

The traditional way of marketing is now of no use and the online marketing strategies has taken up its head...

13th, April 2015
eCommerce will emerge to a new level in 2015

The ongoing digital trends are taking the world of commerce to a new level. As 2014 proved us that the...

10th, April 2015
Golang – The Future of Web Programming Language

What exactly Golang is? Developed by Google in 2007 and announced in 2009, Go is an apprehensive web programming language...

8th, April 2015
Github Social Coding
Is Github service necessary to be maintained for Source Code Management (SCM)?

Before knowing what actually a Github is, you need to know what a Git is. A Git is commonly referred...

3rd, April 2015
The Concept of Jailbreaking your iOS device

What is Jailbreaking an iPhone means? Bored of the app store’s restrictions? Then, Jailbreaking your iOS device will be a...

1st, April 2015