Content Marketing Will Take Your Business to Higher Standards?

The traditional way of marketing is now of no use and the online marketing strategies has taken up its head on. They make every business grow and especially content marketing is really helping business to mark their presence in this online world.

What content marketing means?

Content marketing is a strategic approach that focuses mainly on creating and sharing creative, valuable and germane content that attracts customer and also make them the repeat customers. To make it simpler, it is nothing but creating a customer base and make them do business with the help of relevant and reliable content.


Why Content Marketing?

You may think why content marketing is so important. The following answers are the reason for this.

  • Main advantage of content marketing is the search page results. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rank pages according to the content. Say, if the content is rich and unique then that page is sure to reach the top of search results.
  • To make purchase decisions, most of the people try to avoid any version of the advertisement. What they actually need is content or some valuable information about the product. That information should help them buy a better product rather than end in a product that doesn’t suit their needs.
  • Social media strategies mainly focus on content. It actually creates powerful word of mouth resulting in higher customer rates and sales.
  • Trust is more important in business. Online businesses with quality and valuable content are sure to gain the trust and liability of its customers. To make people believe you and your brand, a rich, unique and important content is must.

What people from Google say?

The top market leaders and marketing experts around the world have concluded that Content Marketing is sure to the future of marketing. Plus, they said it is not only the future but also the present of the marketing world. Here are few talks from the people in Google.

After the Google Panda update, the low-quality content was of no use in the page’s rank i.e. the page rank will be on the lower side and the only page with quality and unique content will stay in the race. “To rank well, build a site so fantastic that it makes you an authority in your niche.” said Matt Cutts, Head of the Google Web Spam Team.

Content Marketing – A must to do for your business’ growth:

As you would have come to a conclusion that content marketing is sure to take your business to a new level, here are few more marketing areas which use quality content

  • Search engine optimization helps you reach the top ranks in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For search engine ranks, SEO is must and for SEO, quality content is must.
  • Press release is another marketing strategy which depends on quality content
  • Social media marketing is the best marketing technique to help people reach your business. As said earlier, social media marketing uses unique content.
  • For inbound traffic and leads, content is one of the must-to-have features.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) mostly need good and valuable content.

Here is the number down stat of content marketing

Content-for-businessA survey was conducted by Roper Public Affairs and it stated that 80 percent of the business people prefer to transform their company’s information in the form of articles rather than doing it as an advertisement. Around 70 percent people say that content marketing is taking them closer to the sponsoring company whereas 60 their company content helps make good product decision.


The Predictions

2015 is the year of online growth and in this content marketing will play a major and crucial role. The following are some of the predictions of 2015 where content marketing is considered more important.

  • People focused marketing for effective growth rather than company or brand focused marketing.
  • Brands like P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and John Deere have taken up content seriously and few other top brands are in the same race.
  • Journalist will be in high demand as big companies and brands will fight to acquire them.
  • This year marketing service providers will be concentrating more on content and they will in the hike for a period of time.
  • Content exchanges will take up the head as many big brands will focus more on exchanges of content.
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