If you want to win a website award, then you should drink something cool

Wondering why we wrote the title as “If you want to win a website award, then you should drink something cool.”? Is there anything that makes you win an award by just drinking something cool? Yes, there is something that helps you. It is nothing but the rules and judging criteria that make you win.Award Winning Web Design

Every web developer would have dreamt of winning an award for their creative and professional website that they created. It is considered as a premium recognizing of their work and also a marketing strategy to help one’s customer to believe about their brand. If you are a web designing company or the web and mobile development services company, then the website award matters a lot for your company to make your clients trust about your quality of work.

There are many organizations that provide website awards by evaluating your website from the core. The listed below are some popular websites that analyze your work and award you.

Judging Criteria of Website Awards

Now you know that there are loads of organizations that evaluate your website for an award and the above listed are some top in the market organizations. But, there is something more that you need to know before submitting your website for award evaluation. The rules and the judging criteria are more important to consider before submitting your website for review.

Listed below are the five cool pillars (drink) of website award judging criteria.

  • Website design
  • Professional Content
  • Website structure and navigation features
  • Interactivity
  • User experience

Website Design

The appearance of the site matters a lot for any users as the saying goes, “First impression is the best impression.” Website design is going to be the first thing that attracts users the most and not only the users but also the judging panel. A good homepage will go places rather than that of the cutting-edge technology. The Web design should not only look attractive, but also it should convey the website’s theme and core content. Website’s color graphics and layout should match the theme and also the use of professional photography, and clean color palettes will add to the user engagement.

Professional Content

The website will not be rich only if the design is rich rather the content should also be clean and professional to make the website (on the whole) look cool and complete. A common factor that everyone knows is “content is not just a text but more than that”. In the modern world, content plays a vital role in company’s recognition and revenue.

Content is more important than anything else on your website. Here content is referred not only to the text but also audio, video, products/services, and other information. A website falls under the best category when it has the rich content right from the initial page (mostly home page) to the last page (mostly the contact us page).

Website Structure and Navigation features

Frameworks are considered as one of the key factors of site popularity and recognition. The framework is the way the site is organized, content placement, and also the way in which you navigate through the website. Websites with clear navigation, perfect content placement, and good structure are mostly considered as the top ranked creative websites. Not only being creative, these websites are also very informative in the use point of view.

Normally, the vendors providing awards would like to have a clear mental model (which describes each and every function of the website, right from the click) on your website. A good web design should be of ease of use.


Everyone loves to interact with the company that they are looking for as it helps clear any clarifications. It allows you to perform desired actions. Interactions are deployed in the form of chat rooms, search boxes, notification agents, gaming and more. Interactions make you participate and not just watch or listen or read like any other media (say TV, radio etc.).

User Experience

Finally, the overall user experience determines the website’s weight i.e. the interactivity, designs, structure and more combined pleases the user. Come back visitors are pulled back to the website if and if only the site has the perfect user experience. If the site has perfect user experience, not only the user comes back but also he/she subscribes to the newsletter, refer to his/her friends, participates in the website contest and more.

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