Internet of Things (IoT) is winning races making others feel jealous

The smart devices are now becoming overwhelming and helping people be at their best and especially the human-machine communications are...

21st, September 2015
Google I/O and WWDC 2015 – What were the new launches and upcoming announcements?

Google and Apple Inc. are the two giants of the tech world. They always follow a unique style that announces...

12th, June 2015
Get ready for the Next Generation Computing – Augmented & Virtual Reality Systems are on the Roll

Companies are up on the mark of dreaming about the next generation gadgets which will give a new insight to...

30th, April 2015
Github Social Coding
Is Github service necessary to be maintained for Source Code Management (SCM)?

Before knowing what actually a Github is, you need to know what a Git is. A Git is commonly referred...

3rd, April 2015
The Concept of Jailbreaking your iOS device

What is Jailbreaking an iPhone means? Bored of the app store’s restrictions? Then, Jailbreaking your iOS device will be a...

1st, April 2015
Adobe Muse – an amazing app from Adobe Creative Cloud

Latest App – no code – only creative website!!! Are you a graphic designer well-versed in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and...

6th, June 2014
Digital Marketing Helps You To Stand Out In The Online Market

If you are really concerned about your online business to grow up and excel to the success, and also you...

16th, April 2014
How does augmented reality works?

Augmented Reality or AR is a cutting-edge technology that enables a digitally enhanced view of the real world. It is...

4th, April 2014
Recent trends in internet technologies 2014!

Today’s life is definitely dominated by the prevailing technology of the internet. Every phase of our life is either directly...

2nd, April 2014
What to do to differentiate your Ecommerce Business?

Just imagine you could sell your products or services online and have your customers excited to pay the amount you...

31st, March 2014
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