Adobe Muse – an amazing app from Adobe Creative Cloud

Latest App – no code – only creative website!!!

Are you a graphic designer well-versed in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In-design??? Don’t you know the code of the markup languages to design a website??? No worries!!! Here is a gifted boon for you all designers – Adobe Muse. An incredible app from Adobe which helps the graphic designers to craft a creative website design on their own without inscription of a single line code. Let us have a brief tour of Adobe’s latest and interesting app ‘Adobe Muse’ in this section.

What is ADOBE MUSE???

Adobe Muse is a product of Adobe and it is a division of Adobe Creative Cloud. This Adobe app is for designers to create, design and bring out the HTML websites without writing a single line hand-code.

Why Adobe Muse???

Adobe Muse CC assists all the creative designers to bring out the excellent output of HTML web pages with the help of well-known Adobe tools. HTML web pages can be planned, designed and published and as per the latest web standards.

Master pages, user-friendly sitemaps, and drag-and-drop workspaces in these web pages allows you to work steadfastly. HTML pages created using Muse facilitate rich experience as there are lots of interactive tools, precision typography, image control, and browser pinning, in them.

Adobe Muse Features

Adobe Muse, being a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, whatever the latest updates and future releases in it will reflect Muse also. And the users can access them.

  • Integrates with other software in Creative Cloud – Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Speed-grade, Media Encoder, Prelude and  Story Plus
  • If you any tool from Adobe Creative Cloud, you can handle or learn all the other tools in it. Reason is that they have analogous user interfaces.
  • The speed of the projects’ process is very fast and we can have a clear and flawless workflow
  • Files from Final Cut Pro can be imported easily.
  • One can deal with more process in less time
  • All-in-house app – making use of all Adobe tools from Creative Cloud helps you to do multitask at one place. That is, video editing, sound mixing, adding colors and motion graphics.
  • The designs created are universal. Whatever you create in your device appears the same flawlessly in any device. Anyone can open your creative design anywhere and they can share their feedbacks too.
  • Free training library is there to help even the new designers with less experience.
  • Designers can append more advanced customization and functionality.
  • The site owners and their team members can update their personal content, image content, text, etc in the web page.
  • The common elements for designing includes, color, images, logos, widgets, graphic styles, characters, and guides can be organized and reused wherever necessary.
  • Animated effects can be produced using Scroll Effects.

Adobe Muse Compatibility

The designers can focus only on the website design despite of worrying the browser compatibility while working with Adobe Muse. This exciting app generates cross-browser-compatible code for all the designers. This app is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari 5 for Mac OS
  • IE 7 and latest for Windows
  • Firefox 11 for Mac OS and Windows
  • Chrome for Mac OS and Windows

Adobe Muse Beta Programs

Adobe Muse serves as an InDesign equivalent for designing and publishing web pages. The programs of Adobe Muse are in beta mode. By taking part in Adobe Muse Beta program with Adobe Muse membership, the designers can make use of the upcoming versions of it. Whenever a new beta is built by the professionals, you can enable the beta software installation by making minute changes in the settings of Muse software. By this way, you can discover and access latest features of the software. The designers are given freedom to share their valuable comments, suggestions, and feedback. This helps the Adobe Muse team work on their defects thereby improving their next version.

Language Versions of Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is available in different languages like English (U.S.), English (International), German, Italian, French, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Korean, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, and Traditional Chinese. The users can switch back to their preferred languages by selecting their languages from the Preferences Menu. This will automatically update the user interface.