Recent trends in internet technologies 2014!

Today’s life is definitely dominated by the prevailing technology of the internet. Every phase of our life is either directly or indirectly connected with various existing internet technologies such as the internet of electronic things, wearable devices, augmented reality, big data & machine learning algorithms, mHealth technologies, 3D printing, Intraday delivery, mobile payment & virtual currencies, electric cars, and e-learning.

Almost all electronic devices are now connected to the internet. Initially electronic devices, such as personal computers, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones, were the only things connected to the internet, but later on, some more have been added such as televisions, cars, glasses and watches.

Subsequently, the things like refrigerators, electric meters, hoovers, and many more will also be connected in the future. However, these smart devices are not only just connected to the internet, but also will provide contextual relevance and a smooth experience to the users. So, these devices are expected to have higher adoption rates, linking every part of our lives.

Next, wearable technology is going to be a big buzz in the year 2014. Some products like activity bands, smart helmets, smart clothing and Google Glass are all equipped with interconnected devices powered by the internet. While wearable watches are already available on the market even they have very limited functionality.

And, Google Glass is getting closer to the consumer, introducing a new trend in the market, where web-based information is directly integrated into our daily activities. The launch of Google Glass in the year 2014 will definitely lead to a greater growth in the market. This will shorten the distance between the technology and the users by allowing them to augment their day-to-day activities such as buying products by merely scanning them from a magazine, watching a video on the cover of a newspaper, taking photos and videos, etc.

Furthermore, it is expected that the technology is going to merge with clothing too. For example, Smart Shoes from Adidas will be having an integrated accelerometer, Bluetooth, and a gyroscope, which will motivate the user to do exercises.

Another new technology that is having a great impact in this modern world is the augmented reality, i.e., the apps that connect the physical world and the virtual world. It is the assimilation of digital information with live video or the user’s surroundings in real time. It is predicted that the market for augmented reality mobile apps is going to grow rapidly during this year. According to the report given by Juniper Research, the revenue will be expected to reach $5.2 billion by the year 2017.

However, traditional analytics has become outdated, and the future of technology is going to be shaped by machine learning algorithms, i.e., the algorithms which can be learned from the data they process and trained to advance as they process a huge amount of data.

Due to the exponential growth of data, simple data analysis is no longer valuable today. Machine learning has become very important in our lives, as it helps in filtering spam emails, providing appropriate searches on the top pages of Google search, and so on. Machine learning technologies always provide you the information that you want when it is required.

With the proliferation of mobile phones at low costs in the up-and-coming economies, mHealth technologies have possibly improved the lives of millions of people all around the world, and also making health care more customized and effectual. Based on the analysis, it is expected that the global mHealth market is going to be worth $11.8 billion by the year 2018.

The ingenious dimensions of the latest technological possibilities are enormous, ranging from architecture to interior design to art & education. On the other hand, technology also plays a vital role in manufacturing. Now it is not necessary to store spare parts in large warehouses and send them over thousands of kilometers. Instead, you can print them whenever and wherever they are really required.

Also, the new technologies in e-commerce have changed the way we do online shopping. For instance, one-day delivery service model has entirely disrupted the business models of traditional logistics and transport companies. This model has important consequences, even though air traffic control and buzz safety and usage system are there which prevent rapid proliferation.

Another internet technology with a huge impact on the world is the mobile payment. Not only the number of mobile phones has increased, but also the payment methods have significantly increased. Various payment methods, such as PayPal’s new wireless payment solution, NFC-enabled devices, digital wallets, and Beacon, etc., have been progressively reaching the mass market, enabling people to pay an amount without using any wallet or cash.

Applications that provide flexible payment options are Google Wallet app, Apple’s iBeacon technology, etc. Google Wallet app allows users to send money using only their mobile devices, and Apple’s iBeacon technology not only just provides various payment options but also provides indoor mapping as well as personalization.

In 2014, many vendors including traditional car manufacturers have launched electric cars. Unlike traditional cars, the electric cars will be equipped with wireless connections, computers, and sensors. This allows the cars to know more information about the drivers, which could be very helpful for the manufacturers. Even though few issues are there with the batteries and charging, some enhancements and adaptations are expected to be done in the coming future.

Finally, e-learning has changed the face of education and learning system forever. Several novel online learning platforms and portals have also been disrupted the traditional education models. Initially, these platforms and portals were introduced to provide high-quality education, but later the consequences have been unexpectedly high. This technology has made the classrooms an interactive and inspiring learning environment, and also made knowledge accessible to everyone easily.

If there is one segment in Information Technology that had an enormous amount of innovation and swift development in the past 10 years, then it is internet technology. So, it is important to have a better understanding of the changing trends in internet technology in today’s competitive business world.