Online Transactions In The Modern Era – Payment Methods Redefined

In this high-tech world, the Internet plays a significant role in boosting economic activities ranging from millions of online transactions...

31st, January 2017
CRM System
Digitizing schools and administering in a better way with a CRM system

“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.” – Lon Watters Schools and colleges are the best...

20th, December 2016
Gamification Ideas
Top 5 reasons why Gamification should be your next target

Motivation is crucial for everyone. What motivates an employee at work? What motivates a contributor? What motivates a client? What...

9th, December 2016
IoT Is Getting Better With Google Home – An Amazon Echo Like Intelligent Speaker

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the hot news that is revolving around the Information Technology (IT) and every other...

6th, June 2016
Apple CarPlay – A next step in revolutionizing personal driving

Transportation is important as the people navigate from one place to another every day. Another important gadget of today’s life...

18th, May 2016
Stop Wasting Time And Start Migrating to Magento 2

eCommerce industry in one of the most upcoming and developing industry in this fast-moving tech world. But, having one of...

23rd, December 2015
Fast fix and the important six from the mouth of Sundar Pichai at ‘Google for India’

India has become a hotspot to many tech giants as many innovators are profound to be from this sub-continent. It...

21st, December 2015
Interesting things you need to know about AWS IoT

Smart devices are ruling almost everything and the demand for these devices are increasing day after day. People are likely...

5th, November 2015
Marketing Aspect: Comparing RFID and iBeacon

Everyone is witnessing that the world is moving towards a generation where people tend to stay connected using the smart...

8th, September 2015
iBeacon – What it is going to do to travel in late 2015 and early 2016?

Smartphone usage keeps on increasing day by day, and the demand for new technologies gets heads up every minute. The...

21st, July 2015
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