Fast fix and the important six from the mouth of Sundar Pichai at ‘Google for India’

India has become a hotspot to many tech giants as many innovators are profound to be from this sub-continent. It is making heads turn with creative innovations and the potential of people in it. India’s PM, Narendra Damodardas Modi visited many tech giants like Facebook, Google, and more to discuss the presence of the giants in India.

Google for India - Sundar Pichai

Nearly 300 million Indians are using the internet where another 200 million likely to join in early or mid-2017. Google is targeting India as it wants the next billion people along with many women to shape in their hands in the web market. Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai is now in India to talk about The internet to everyone single people in India. He said, “It may sound like we’re doing a lot, but in my opinion, we’re just barely getting started. We’ve realized that when we build products for India, they eventually make their way to a global scale. Given that India is on the cutting edge of the mobile revolution, we think that what we build in India will apply to many, many places.”

The Important SIX:

Before hitting the actual SIX, let’s see something interesting about the relationship between the search giant and the land of unity in diversity.

  • India is the second populous country in the world and Google India is the 10th most visited website in the world.
  • Android phones have won the hearts of almost every Indian. The operating system is used in 94% of the Smartphone in India.
  • Google has already started a project to wrap up the internet speeds in India.

The fast fix is over, and it’s time to know the incredibly important six from the mouth of the Indian-born CEO of the search giant.

  1. Internet – It’s for everyone:
    The wait is almost over. Sundar gave a sweet to the people of India with a sweet tone saying the internet is for everyone and Google is working hard to bring internet access to everyone allowing them to add their voice to the world of internet.
  2. Bicycle for Women – The internet to rural areas:
    Google’s efforts are getting stronger and are planning to bring in the concept of the bicycle for women to the help the women in the rural areas of India learn the internet usage. They are targeting the women across 3 lakh villages in India to get online in the next three years.
  3. Balloons – Internet using Balloons:
    Project Loon. What is it? The giant is planning to provide internet connectivity through balloons which have been already tested in countries like New Zealand, United States and Brazil. Every single balloon can provide an internet connectivity through wireless communication technologies like 4G or LTE to a radius of 20KM.
  4. Wireless connection – Wi-Fi in 100 stations:
    2016 is going to be fascinating as the tech giant is planning to bring the internet to 100 railway stations across the country. RailTel, the telecom wing of Indian Railway along with Google India is going to bring Wi-Fi to railway stations, and the first to be is the Mumbai railway station.
  5. Android – India to surpass US by next year:
    Sundar Pichai also revealed that India will surpass the total number of Android users in the United States (US).
  6. Google Campus – They are planning to hire more:
    Hyderabad is now ready for a new Google office, and Sundar added, “It will start hiring more and more new people to its house.” Also, they are going to train more than 2 million developers by partnering with National Skill Development Council.

The Indian-born Sundar Pichai said, “This country has given me and Google so much, and I just hope we can give much more to the country.”