IoT Is Getting Better With Google Home – An Amazon Echo Like Intelligent Speaker

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the hot news that is revolving around the Information Technology (IT) and every other industry. It is revamping the space of how we use the day-to-day objects. Internet of Things (IoT) in nothing but a technology connecting every single thing to the web i.e. it connects the devices to a standard cloud from where the desired party can access. All the great tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Samsung, etc. are playing a vital role in improving the abilities of the IoT and making it the strongest technology.


Google, the search giant, is actively entering into the smart home world and without any further surprise, it launched its smart device for the home called as the Google Home. A couple of years back, Amazon surprisingly launched a device called as Echo that acts as an intelligent speaker with voice control features. Many techies expected Google to launch a smart home device after it acquired Nest, the smart home products development company. At the recent I/O, Google revealed Google Home, a smart device that transforms your home into a super home.

What is Google Home?

Google always dreamt of developing a device that offers multiple features to make everyday living comfortable. As a result of serious research, Google recently launched a device called as Google Home which is a voice-enabled smart wireless speaker offering multiple opportunities to perform tasks like listening music, scheduling alarms and more. Many sources revealed that Google Home is just the covered-up version of the Google’s Chromecast, a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on the TV. The Google Home device has LED lights, a speaker, and microphones to offer multipurpose functions. Here are some of the unique features of this smart home device.

  • Seamlessly enjoy music throughout the entire house
  • Create schedules in no time with voice commands
  • Easily manage everyday tasks
  • Interact with Google for more information
  • Control your smart devices with your voice

Google Home – IoT is getting better with this smart home device:

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world and the Google’s part in revamping the smart home market is stunning in every aspect. Google Home is perfect in every part and here is the justification for the statement.

  1. It adds a sweet touch of fragrance to the home setup:Google home looks like a fresh flower pod used for decorating the house, and it has a very pleasant finish that suits the house of any setup/style. This smart device is cylindrical and has an angled top placed with four LEDs portraying the colors of Google. It has a modern and modular case that comes with a changeable base that can spice up the decor. It is not portable, but it acts as a powerful speaker that can fill up the entire room with strong bass and clean highs.
  2. It controls the house with a single account:Compatible with Chromecast is another advantage of having Google Home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support multiple accounts (as of now) but it might shortly. Google Home can talk to the Chromecast device to play music, stream YouTube videos and lot more. Another major function of this smart device is that it can communicate with Google to get you the correct information. Google Home is not as good as Echo when it comes to multiple device support and Mario Queiroz, the VP of Product Management at Google admitted that Echo had a wide area of skills but explained, “then you start getting deeper, and it doesn’t work very well, then you’re sort of disappointed. And I think that happens with Alexa sometimes.”
  3. It has everything to control the connected things nut with some restrictions:Initially, Google Home will be working with a small set of applications and home automation devices but in the mere future, Google has planned to expand the device’s compatibility. This smart device uses the Knowledge Graph, a super database that understands million of entities and the relation between them. Quieroz also said he isn’t worried about the setbacks the Google Home has with Amazon Echo and also added, “We’re competing for the feature for feature in most of the areas. And in the areas that matter to the consumer, we’re going to do a better job.”

Google Home, the smart home device will be commercially launched later this year, and it might get a price of few hundred dollars. The tech industry and the general crowd is waiting for this beautiful assistant.