Open Source Development

How to Customize Your WordPress Admin Panel?

Introduction: If you are using a WordPress website then this post could help you with managing your website stuff in...

7th, December 2017
#7 WordPress Plugins That Are Really Effective

Developing your new WordPress websites? Or are you an existing WordPress user? Then you should definitely know all these plugins...

10th, August 2017
Magic of PHPixie is making the developers fly.

Since early 1995, the complexity level of the project started growing and made up a stage where starting to code...

18th, October 2016
Stop Wasting Time And Start Migrating to Magento 2

eCommerce industry in one of the most upcoming and developing industry in this fast-moving tech world. But, having one of...

23rd, December 2015
Magento Migration – The advantages and steps involved

It is obvious that eCommerce is taking up its head and changing the face of commerce world. The modern world...

7th, May 2015
2015 Predictions Says Everything about WordPress In Terms Of a Complete CMS Website

Long back, many would have known WordPress just as blogging site. But, in recent time WordPress is more of a...

5th, May 2015
Wordpress Theme
Few good Tricks To Improve Your WordPress Theme

Improve your WordPress Themes In WordPress, the “Themes” play a vital part in making one’s site look unique and impressive....

20th, November 2014
ROR development company
Why to choose ruby on rails to develop a website?

Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is a hot open source web app framework that’s written using the Ruby language...

4th, November 2014
CMS Blog
Custom Website Blog Vs Open Source Website Blog, Which one would be better?

In the current scenario, it is only natural that we expect every business to have an online presence. And if...

17th, October 2014
Moodle development
Teach and Learn through Moodle based e-learning platform

Moodle is an e-Learning platform that was released to the public in August of 2002 as a free software that’s...

13th, October 2014
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