Custom Website Blog Vs Open Source Website Blog, Which one would be better?

In the current scenario, it is only natural that we expect every business to have an online presence. And if you are someone owning a business and are catching up with this trend now, you might be in for a shock when you personally experience its potential.

So, when you are ready to get your business online and have decided to develop a website, one of the first choices you will be making is deciding on what type of platform you will be building your website on – an open source or a custom one. Before we go ahead and choose one, let’s understand their differences and what they have on offer.

But first, we need to know what a “CMS” is.

CMS – Content Management System

A CMS is a system upon which your website is built and is the platform which is used for creating, publishing, managing and deleting contents on your website. This includes text, media, coding, etc; however, knowledge on coding is not mandatory as CMS is very simple to operate – almost as simple as editing one’s document. Now, let us go back to the two different types.

CMS Blog

Open Source Websites Blog: An open source website blog uses the codes that are already available for the public. One can use these codes for editing as well as redistribution. These types of systems are constantly under improvement and development by the community comprising of thousands of people; all contributing newer and more efficient solutions to the pool.

  • The main advantage in using open source websites is that you get a website for the least budget. Having a web designer work on a website would defiantly cost you most that what you would be spending for getting a website up and running using an open source.
  • The usability of these websites are very flexible and anybody can take it upon themselves to edit and modify their websites. Adding new pages, removing continents cannot be easier.
  • The overall time it takes to get your website to the public is a lot shorter than in comparison with custom websites. You do not need for the developers to provide individual codes for your website, most are immediately available and the rest requires easy edits to customize to your needs.
  • No matter how many pages or how different your pages you require, all are done using the templates, which offers you with a consistent output.
  • With just addition of few plug-ins you can make your website as functional and unique as you want, however not to the precision of a custom website blog, but enough for most.
  • Adding and editing media is so much easier with open source websites, as they were practically designed to offer you with such opportunities and features.
  • Developing your website is more fun through this method, as most to all options can be edited and molded by you to your personal liking. Thus, enjoy the DIY feel without having to know anything about coding or programming. It’s easy to learn interface and user-friendly interaction allow for you to enjoy your website development.

Custom Websites Blog: The custom platforms use privately held codes that are distributed and maintained by individual owners. These types of systems are thus developed and improved upon, as per these owners’ personal judgments.

  • The main aspect of using a custom website is that they can be designed exactly to one’s desire. The templates can be designed to function and look as unique as possible, to an extent beyond what is possible through open source websites, hence you can be sure that no other website is going to look like yours. Also, there are options for you to purchase these individual templates such that no one else will be able to imitate or copy your website design.
  • Being able to customize the website beyond the concepts of templates allows for you to direct your customers the way you want. Thus, the ability to control and steer your customers will play an important role in improving business through your website.
  • Using the custom codes are the most effective and efficient way to get a website done, as no unnecessary aspects to the website are added. They are more personable and are most apt for working towards improving your web-traffic with search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Having a custom website blog allows for you to structure your website to fulfill your individual needs instead of working around and finding a compromise.

These are few brief understanding of the differences between the Custom Website Blog and Open Source Website Blog. Which is better?..depends upon your personal needs. When you are looking for a website that is easy to build, fun to develop and fast to modify the open source website blog would be your best choice. However, if you want a very personalized website that is most unique, more secure and ultimately you do not mind the extra cost than you better opt for custom website blogs. Whichever your choice is, we offer you both these services.