Magic of PHPixie is making the developers fly.

Since early 1995, the complexity level of the project started growing and made up a stage where starting to code from scratch is of no value. PHP was launched, and from then it is the valuable player in the web market and said to be the most popular server-side scripting language. It offered a perfect way for structured development. In recent time, PHPixie is considered to be the best component-based PHP framework, and by reading this article, you will get an idea about

  • What is PHPixie?
  • Why PHPixie?
  • Features of PHPixie
  • PHPixie is best for…

What is PHPixie?

PHPixie is an open-source PHP framework that offers flexibility while being easy to use. Built using individual components, this framework has perfect quality metrics and is 100% unit tested which means the framework is entirely useful from all corners. The highlighted advancements of this fairy framework are it enables schema migration, allows you use the HAML markup language, and comes with sophisticated routing system. The primary function of PHPixie is that it allows organizing the projects into bundles as a result of which reusing code is made easy. Some of the common pitfalls like singletons, global scope, the reliance of static methods, and other antipatterns are avoided by this modern component-based PHP framework. This ensures the code is clean and easy to read, test and extend.


Why PHPixie?

Following points claim the answer to choose PHPixie for your next web application development

  • PHPixie is relatively a new framework with continuous support.
  • It is one of the best frameworks to get started with.
  • With clear documentation, PHPixie comes with code samples for easy understandings.
  • It has an impressive routing system for smooth implementation.
  • PHPixie is HMVC pattern oriented.
  • It can compile fast for easy deployment.
  • PHPixie offers 100% test coverage and is executed with a vigorous and robust architecture.

Features of PHPixie:

With a simple architecture and complete test coverage, PHPixie is rated to be the best among the available modern PHP frameworks. Some of the key feature listed below makes PHPixie be the ideal framework for your next web apps development.

  • Package system – Reuse or even share the code through composer by bundling them.
  • Direct/linear code flow – PHPixie has a linear code flow as it never uses or supports events.
  • MongoDB support – PHPixie supports MongoDB, a non-relational database management system.
  • Clean architecture – It is designed by considering SOLID principles and industry standards.
  • Advanced security – It uses cryptographically secure hashes, secure cookie handling and random tokens for advanced security.
  • Priority support – PHPixie creators offer on time and helpful support.

PHPixie is best for…

Besides the availability of lots of framework in the market, PHPixie has scored a perfect spot in the list of best PHP framework for developing creative web apps. If you are going to choose PHPixie as the development framework, then consider the following reasons for what PHPixie is good for.

  • It is more adaptable as everything is expandable and overridable.
  • Straightforward execution of the request-response protocol will be the best bet to choose PHPixie.
  • It does not insist on name convention as it might lead to improper readability.
  • PHPixie concentrates more on the web app or website speed and page loading time.
  • PHPixie is useful for developing simple and mostly enterprise application.
  • Since it is flexible, it can be used for creating secure web applications.