Why to choose ruby on rails to develop a website?

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a hot open source web app framework that’s written using the Ruby language – a general purpose programming language that was developed to keep the object-oriented part of coding intact. Through recent years the number of dedicated followers of Ruby on Rails has increased by large. It’s being enthusiastically used by web app developers who appreciate the clean and elegant coding structure when programming.

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This framework allows for us to run web applications and provides us with a platform to build new web pages on. With that you can gather information from the server, query the database or manage templates under a secure interface using the ruby on rails CMS (Content Management System).

Also, the Rails framework gives a simplified and easier approach towards developing a website or an app, by coming up with abstracts for common and repetitive tasks. This enables Ruby on Rails developers to deliver speedier projects, thus making it a serious contender to the position held by PHP. Rightly so you can find numerous arguments over which one is better for the development of their next website. Now, let’s have a look at what makes Ruby on Rails the right choice.

Facts of Ruby on Rails

Here are few statements that you hear often when the conversation is about RoR.

  1. The Framework of RoR is mature” – this is true as the Ruby is built on a much advanced foundation, thus granting us a much easier approach towards developing a high-end product faster and more efficiently. Also, being built on top of solid foundation allows for it to offer a stable maintenance solution. In comparison a PHP website is very weak to tweaks and changes, as the coding most often do not follow a fixed structuring making it very hard for future modifications or additions.Ruby offers lots of open source contents that are extremely helpful in cutting down on initial development costs, which proves to be game-changer in multiple occasions, for many developers.
  2. “It’s difficult to write bad codes in RoR” this may seem fictional, however that’s very close to reality. Again taking PHP as an example – one of the major advantages of PHP was that it was very easy to pick up and start working with, this enabled lot of developers to flush in with many PHP products under least amount of time. But, trouble brew when bugs where discovered or when contents where needed to be amended, that’s when the easy its structuring proved to also be its major down point.Now with Ruby on Rails, the rules are strict and structure and flow of coding is mature. This allows for easy changes and bug fixing, which means lower maintenance cost. RoR can be said as – “hard work to begin, but easy work to sustain”. This brings to the next fact.
  3.   “RoR has a very steep learning curve” Yes, that’s true too, like mentioned above this fact about Ruby on Rails, actually proves to be its advantage. You don’t have to worry as-much about the quality of projects coming out of a RoR developer, as with other easy to learn development tools. One cannot get away with bad coding here, thus, this toughness filters all the posers from the skilled developers.

Note: Use of agile development is recommended by the Ruby community, for apps with ever-changing requirements.

Features of Ruby on Rails

Here’s a list of features that make RoR a very potent tool for programmers.

  •   The open source nature of ruby on rails provides the programmers with a vast library of codes, which allows for fasters and more efficient programming.
  •   The programming structure of RoR is consistent throughout, that allow rails developers to move between different projects.
  •   The framework of Rails makes it easy for a Ruby developer to make changes to the application as and when needed, without much trouble.
  •   Ruby programming uses a very readable coding style, such that they themselves serve as documents for other developers or future references.
  •   Rails being open source requires no licensing, thus leaving you to focus your cost on rails hosting services and kind.

However, there are certain down sides to Ruby on Rails as well, which includes that fact that not all website hosts support Rails at the moment. This is because Rails is resource intensive when in comparison to the other popular programming tool – the PHP. Then, unlike Java or PHP, Rails is not as popular either, it is gaining in popularity but, has a long way to go. Finally Rails isn’t as fast as related programming tools – Java or C.


Despite these minor setbacks Ruby on Rails has in offer a very elegant and powerful development tool that is apt for today’s modern website and mobile application needs; hence, as a reputed developer we provide you with just that.