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Monthly Archives: May 2012

SEO checklist for new sites

Making a well-designed website with good content is not enough for a business to be listed on search engines. Without...

15th, May 2012
Mobilize your Business

In today’s fast paced economy when everybody is on the move, it is important for web marketers to provide relevant...

1st, March 2012
CSS vs Table-Based web design

The latest trend in web design is the move from table based web designs to sites purely written in CSS....

15th, February 2012
How will HTML5 Impact on SEO?

HTML 5 is still in the making but for any SEO expert, who tries to look ahead, some knowledge about...

4th, February 2012
Mobile Content Management System

Mobile Website or a Mobile Content Management System is a type of Content Management System (CMS). This effective system is...

17th, January 2012
What is PHP?

For years, ASP has been one of the most popular server-side scripting languages and for good reason. It is easy...

9th, January 2012
The Mobile Coupons: Have You Considered the Marketing Opportunity?

When Asa Candler and the Coca Cola Company (KO) introduced the first printed coupon in 1887, how could they have...

5th, January 2012