Beacon Development

Top 5 Trends of iOS Applications you need to know this 2017

Are you an iOS developer? You can even be a iOS application user. But you gotta know something that is...

16th, August 2017
The Beacon War – Know what is a iBeacon, a Eddystone and a AltBeacon

Mobiles are becoming an integral part of the human being system as it helps in many ways. Nowadays, people spend...

2nd, January 2017
Beacon Technology
A Beautifully Refreshing perspective about iBeacons in retail industry

The mobile technology is advancing to a new level day-after-day making sure the future is secure in our hands every...

10th, February 2016
Why to hire a beacon application development company for retailer industry?

New things always have a hype as they promise improvements to the society and the people living around. One thing...

8th, January 2016
Google Beacon “Eddystone” – The Lighthouse of Your Business

It has been more that two years since the Apple’s iBeacon was launched and from then they have never gone...

23rd, November 2015