All You Need To Know About Mobile App Trends To Kickstart 2018

Hope it was a good start for you all this 2018. Wish to add some more flavor to make this New Year a better one with mobile apps. As there is increased use of mobile devices day by day, developers are trying to bring more and more advancements in Mobile Applications Development that engage users in a better way.

In this post, we are going to have a look at some of the mobile app trends before we kickstart 2018.

Let’s get started!

mobile app trends 2018

Mobile App Trends In 2018:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages:

    We all know that accelerated mobile pages are already trending and many have started to make use of it in a better way. So I decided to add it at the top of my list. AMP pages are one of the latest projects of Google in collaboration with Twitter. AMP is a sliced version of the HTML which is intended to fasten the loading time of mobile pages.

    This indeed makes developers to build beautiful and lightweight mobile pages. The open-source tends to improve the publishing technology and increases the performance of web contents.

  • Augmented Reality Surprises Users With Its Performance:

    This isn’t something new! We have experienced it right from 2016 when Pokemon go was introduced. But still, why I tend to write this? It is further expected to play better in 2018. You wouldn’t believe, even your purchases would be a better experience without having the necessity to visit stores.

    Isn’t that amazing? Yes, brand companies are trying to implement this technology in order to make working and inspecting products a better experience. The same is expected to happen in online shopping. People could check their products and know how it looks and feels in reality. Eager to use this technology? Hold your expectations, 2018 is ready to surprise you much more with augmented reality.

  • Blockchain:

    People have misunderstood that blockchain is something under bitcoin. But it is nowhere related in a way people have assumed it to be. The blockchain is a technology that is highly related to protection and security system. This technology is an unalterable ledger that records company information, which is listed as blocks.
    How blockchain works
    Data tyrants find this technology to be something strange and scary as they fear that it may discharge the scope of data tampering. A legitimate business can still gear up by offering a minimal access to the blockchain.
  • The Bang Of Business Bots:

    Business bots were something that was an elementary source which later turned up to be a wild revolution in the recent days. On analysis, it was around 2.3 million Android applications and 2.1 million on Apple’s store. But how many have engaged chatbots to make a better UI/UX services in their application? Maybe a very few.

    Apps are improvising on user experiences, yet there is something required more than that. Things have to change better like playing with heartstrings, which is completely dependent on applications that need to be upgraded with perfect bot observation.

  • Lazy Loading An Emerging Technology:

    An interesting trend that is expected to have emerged this year is lazy loading. The slow loading images could prevent users from opening the entire post and not allowing them to stay on the page for a long time. Further resulting in increased bounce rate. This is where lazy load images could help you with.

    Technological experts have witnessed that with lazy loading, images load only when their turn on the page arises. Else, the page does not overload.

  • Cloud-Based Apps:

    In spite of devices becoming more efficient and smart, people always tend to install applications that holds more gigabyte storage on devices. This is now replaced by cloud-based applications.
    cloud apps usage
    CISCO VNI global forecast (2015-2020), have analyzed that 90% of mobile traffic would be driven by cloud-apps within 2019 globally. And mobile cloud traffic will improve by 11 times with compound annual growth rate of 60%. Cloud-based apps exclusively attract enterprises as they are intended to resolve the data security issues essential in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It is always a concern for corporates to secure data in regards to employee devices that are insecure. Thus, the entry of cloud-based technology could guarantee companies on data security.
  • Internet Of Things (IoT):

    Internet of things is not an untold story or an unfamiliar technology. Moreover, it is something that is highly practiced by most manufacturers. The integration of internet of things and mobile apps has improved significantly and indeed influences sectors such as education, automobiles, and healthcare.

    On the other hand, analysts have also predicted a major change in the internet of things. Things that are existing allows managing Arduino Or Raspberry Pi on your smartphone. In this year there are lot more expected in the development of the internet of things.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

    Apple’s Siri has gained a lot of attention from its users. The voice assistant has now turned to be a live assistant. Artificial intelligence is expected to have more impact in all other areas. As of now, enterprise companies are the ones that have so far invested in artificial intelligence, but this year it is going to be completely different.

    At the same time, a recent report from International Data Corporation (IDC) states that AI market would experience a revenue growth of more than $47 billion by 2020. As the contention for AI-chips have increased globally and it is expected to be integrated with smartphones in the mid of 2018.

Final word:

It is really amazing to get in touch with you all at the very beginning of this year. As I had so much to convey on the important mobile trends of 2018. With these advancements in the mobile apps, life is going to get much better and easier. I suppose this information is much more enough to leave you inspired and help you work on your own mobile app. What do you think?