Data Protection – A Trend That Dominate The Present And The Future

Technology is growing at a rapid speed and if you think you are somewhere in the Sci-Fi world, wait for it to get better. It is becoming more intuitive, immense and more integrated with the everyday whereabouts. These changes have affected our daily activities, and the way we live is always changing with the technology changes. In our previous infographic about the technology trends of 2016, we have discussed the important happenings that are expected to happen this year. And it is barely two months in this new year, there are lot many happenings in the mesh architecture, machine learning, IOT platforms improvements and more.

Data Protection

Juniper Research, a marketing researching firm based in the United Kingdom (UK) reported that 2016 is going to be the year where the kids will start playing with robots, virtual reality will be on the top and can watch professional video gamers in a stadium-like place. Here is the list from the research.

  • Virtual reality (VR) will emerge to a new level.
  • Robot will be the new friend.
  • Wearable technology will be concentrated more.
  • Mobile phone will get the faster network connection.
  • Smart Devices will interact with each other.
  • Bitcoin technology will be on rise.
  • Cloud will act as the new base for video games.
  • Professional video games will happen in a large arena.
  • Data protection will be considered critical.
  • Investing will levitate to a new level with the angel called crowdfunding.

Now, we will see the detailed scripts of the most important technology trend of 2016.

Data Protection is a crucial aspect of the technology:

It is very simple to understand how a large amount of data is created. Whenever we install a smart device in our home and also when we start using wearable devices and also when we use social media to share our thoughts and feelings, data are created. When data is created, an equal measure should be done to secure the data from vulnerable. Since the data dependency is growing rapidly, the protection measures are mandatory. The abnormalities in the network behavior need to be identified using new security software. Why security? Recent hacks of Ashley Madison, states the vulnerability level that we are with the cyber attacks and also the some of the big companies like Target, Home Depot, and Michaels fell victim to data breaches. That why security is concentrated more. Here are the top 3 cyber-security data centers of the world.

  1. Silicon Valley – the base of technology:

    It is said to be the home of the majority of the cyber-security companies and also hosts the headquarters of most of the tech giants. It is said to be that the area will soon become the venture capital of enterprise and startups anti-virus, anti-spamming, and anti-hacking software companies. Recently, the Department of Defense made a partnership with the companies in Silicon Valley to prevent security and data breaches.

  2. New York – the financial district:

    New York is said to be the financial district which is more vulnerable to data breaches and security threats. To address the security needs of the city, many security companies have popped up to protect the stock market from the bank and financial frauds and other common security breaches.

  3. Boston – the institutional base:

    Hosting the famous universities like MIT and Harvard that gave many tech specialists and engineers, Boston is grooming as the cyber-security hub. It is the home of many leading companies like Raytheon – a major defense contractor, SQRL – secure passwords solution provider and more. These companies raise millions of dollars as funding from around the world.

Security trends of 2016:

Steve Durbin, Managing Director of Information Security Forum (ISF), said, “For me, 2016 is probably the year of cyber risk. I say that because increasingly I think we are seeing a raised level awareness about the fact that operating in cyber brings about its peculiarities.” 2016 is expected to see the following security trends that are sure to dominate the current year and even the future.

  • DevOps will integrate with security – DevSecOps – to deliver applications with maximum security.
  • The risks involved in using wearable technology will rise rapidly as this year the wearable market is sure to get the hype.
  • Line items related to threat intelligence will get included in the annual budget.
  • Hackers will make cash with the data integrity attacks.
  • Security with the help of Inter of Things (IoT) will increase rapidly.

Mobile Applications and Internet of Things (IoT):

The increase in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept and the slight introduction of wearable technologies in the workspace has directly increased the demand for mobile applications. To meet the increase in the demand, mobile apps development companies and freelance developers are under high pressure to develop apps at a faster rate. Due to this speedup, they are likely to lose the security and extensive testing to reduce cost and delivery time. This leads a way for the hacktivists and the cybercriminals.

Organizations should be ready to meet the pressure created by the increase in the IoT devices. They should embrace themselves to understand what it means to the world of security. Every organization should employ Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to monitor the happenings with the devices and application in the organization and for the app development companies, they should start deploying a strong team of qualified testers and even ethical hackers to understand and revamp the threat holes in the applications.