Ranking on SERP or ROI: Which is important?


In the high competing world of marketers, finding a strategic place is one big motive for marketers. It is obviously a standard that is maintained on search engine optimization and which is indeed a long time goal for marketers. Many even think ranking on google search results is their real success note.

Ranking for certain keywords in the industry could make your business reach heights. At the same time, it affects your ROI. It is well-known fact that ranking on Google search result is not an easy joke and that it requires a lot of work.

It is, in fact, true, if you are looking out to rank for a highly competitive keyword you need to put in a lot of work. This is where you need to input a lot of content.

More the competition, more the content is required.

Why is it not possible to achieve ranking factors:

Before we could proceed, let me explain to you what is required.

A recent video that was released in 2016 revealed that both content and links are the two most important factors that cause your website to rank in Google results.

We know very well that both quality content and authoritative links sum up to make your website rank high.
Hubspot’s blogging benchmark data has also stated that more blogs could generate more traffic. This actually gives you more indexed pages and which eventually drives more traffic. But, that is not a feasible way of generating traffic.

The same way Backlinko has come up with impressive data in which ranking factors have their major part. In case of links, it is required to have numerous links from referring domains linking to your post. This expresses that you have unique websites to give you links. Added gaining high-quality links from high domain authorities gains you more traffic.

To pile up the information,

  • You need to have thousands of backlinks.
  • High-quality links from high domain authority.
  • Valuable content adds them all.

But this is not the only thing that gains you a good ranking.

Top-ranking content requires time and money:

We all know that time is money. Though when it comes to labor it still depends on time and money. If you do not have enough money to rank for “content marketing” for around 5 years then you will never be able to sustain when there is a huge responsibility.


The keyword has a difficulty of 96 which is not that easy to compete. Even if you have a domain authority of 70 it is already half past and you are narrowed down to the above strategy. Or atleast try achieving thousands of links to your website, else the attempt is utterly a failure.

There are people who suffer even with high authority domains. Yet, they struggle to rank for certain search terms.

So none of these strategies are going to work in a better way. Now consider this question, “Will it affect my ROI?

Now think are these efforts going to pay you more than it actually costs? It never does. You will have to spend a lot of money on this includes which also adds up to the labor and outreach cost.

To make my statement concise enough to your understanding;

Google’s SERP is completely engaged with news, social and PPC. And it is obvious Google changes constantly.

Google alters constantly:

We are aware that Google alters its algorithm every now and then. It is approximately around 500-600 times. Sources claim that Google changes its algorithm 2 – 3times per day. In the past year, we had to face major changes that included the rank brain and the knowledge graph.

The drastic changes are framed as an Infographic image that is derived from search engine watch.

The image shows how frequently Google has come up with its updates. There is no chance of history to inform us anything, as Google keeps on updating its algorithm according to the transforming market. So your efforts on link building do end up in vain. With the ever-changing updates and improving marketing strategies, it is completely of no use in investing a lot of money on such strategies.

With this in mind, you need to focus on either part which is focusing on leads.

Many marketers have a wrong assumption that driving traffic could help their way out in generating potential leads. This is completely a wrong assumption on lead generation. First of all, you need to know how to generate leads to your business and what are the possible ways? As there are possibilities that traffic could bounce within a night.

So it is always easy to concentrate on the existing clients rather than trying to rank for a new keyword. To track your existing audience Facebook has different custom options. This helps you to target your ideal customers. You could make use of Facebook ads manager to get on track.

Facebook Advertisement

From the Facebook ads manager select the lead generation option. With this option create attractive ads that grab users attention. You could offer e-books, Whitepaper and carry your leads to the sales funnel.

Concentrate on the click-through rate:

You need to concentrate on the click-through rates. Google is making use of artificial intelligence to know the behavior of searches.

For example, consider if someone is searching for “SEO guide“. If they are clicking the results apart from the first one. Google notices the difference.


If this case is going to repeat very often, Google moves the second result to the first position. It recognizes that the results are gaining popularity. It is good to optimize for click-through rates which bring more leads. It helps the website to rank higher without spending thousands of money.

How to get started?

You could start with the meta description and the tags. It is not going to react to SEO ranking, yet they could have a better impact on the first impression. This drives some traffic to your post that is very close to conversions. When something is dominating you on SERP, try to attract customers and make them click on content. You can make use of headlines from popular sites that puts down its competitors.


To be ahead of a huge crowd, you need to have attractive headlines. This attracts customer. You could also make use of Buzzsumo, one of the popular that helps you generate rich ideas on a title.

The tool helps in a better way to understand the density and the popularity of the content. So that you could make use of it to achieve higher click-through rates. You could also look out for the trending ones in the market.

For example, on a research, it is clear that “How to” Content had a better response on the searches. It intimates us to push more of “How to” Content on the web. And that helps get more shares and click-through rates.
Make use of Buzzsumo to analyze topics that have higher CRTs.

Final word:

The ranking is a remarkable dream for most marketers. It is common that everyone is looking out for a better way to rank in search results. Even try to get thousands of visitors to their site.

Ranking could take your site to height, but when it comes to generating traffic. But as discussed that is not very simple. You need to spare a lot of money and time to achieve it.

Rather on investing in traffic, it is good to focus on leads. Focusing on click-through rates and generate the most appropriate traffic.

So what do you focus on ROI or ranking on SERPs?

Choose the better option for a better outcome.

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