How to Rank on #1 page for an e-commerce website?

I believe this is going to be a complete guide that helps you to rank your E-Commerce website on #1 page. If you are trying to experiment something with ROI using Search Engine Optimization, then this is the right post that could help you find solutions on how to make it happen on the go.

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This is a simple guide that helps you with eCommerce SEO this 2017,

For easy navigation, I have listed the topics that will be covered in this post.

  • Site Construction
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • E-Commerce SEO case studies

#1 Site construction:

If you are clear enough to target on which keyword, then get yourself prepared for action. When it comes to an E-commerce we need to know how it works. You should know how to present the navigation, category pages, and the product pages to your visitors. It shouldn’t be the way that people often hit the search button to find the product.

The following are the important rules that should be highly concentrated:

  • There shouldn’t be more than 3 Clicks to enter a page.
  • The site should be simple and scalable.

Let us consider an example of a bad site architecture:

First of all the site breaks the above essential rules that a good site architecture has. In case if you are adding a product page you will have to get it buried inside your site. This not only causes poor navigation but also affects the search rankings.

Initially, passing link juice or authority to other pages where considered as page rank. And the homepage was considered the authoritative page. But this is no more into Google’s consideration.

To make it more understandable, the website structure can be considered as an irrigation farm. The high yielding plants are watered the most. The same process is carried out when it comes to site structure.

And this where the content plays its vital role. Great content is the yielding plant, they bring you backlinks. You could make use of the content to tunnel into the product and category pages.

Now, consider the example of a good site architecture:

To build a good site architecture, you should first follow the above rules. Make sure that your homepage directs to all of your product and category pages. Your website should have proper navigation and internal links. This brings high authority through your home page and even helps on ranking higher.

#2 Technical SEO For e-commerce:

There is a technical side of SEO which not involves only the keywords. The Technical side of SEO involves site speed, user experience, mobile friendliness and active links.

The fact is providing the best experience for your users. This is Google’s prior expectation.

How to perform an e-commerce SEO to improve technically this 2017?

Let’s get started with some of the required E-commerce tools and E-commerce Audit.

Necessary e-commerce tools:

Before we get started, I would like to bring some of the required tools to your notice,

1. Google Analytics
2. Google Search Console
3. Ahrefs
4. Beam Us Up
5. Copyscape
6. Title Tag Pixel Width Checker

How to perform SEO Audit?

The foremost thing an e-commerce website audit involves,
It sketches the complete picture of quality and the current scenario of your site.
Helps you create a list of task to be done before you move on to off-page optimization.
It makes sure that there are intense results on least effort.
So you need to know the essential things in an audit. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Crawl your website:
You can make use of any tool like screaming frog to crawl your website. Crawling your website could reveal you things such as

  • Missing alt text and metadata
  • Broken links
  • Thin content

The above mentioned affects SEO and that is why it is required to perform a crawl in the background and concentrate on the other priority works of the website.

Step 2: Allow a single version of website to be browsable
A user can browse your website in either of the ways,


You need to choose any one of these domains that should be really existing. The others should be 301 redirected to the canonical version. It is good to choose HTTPS over the others as it is secured and encrypted enough. It even boosts search engine ranking, on the other hand, it is your opinion on choosing WWW or not.

Step 3: Test your home page SEO:
To perform SEO for your home page, you need to do the following,

  • Is your page provided with an attractive title?
  • Is it satisfying the On-Page SEO best practices or not?
  • Is the custom meta description available and customized to maximize click-throughs?
  • Are there H1 tags?
  • Is the H2, H3, H4 tags placed according to the SEOs best practices?
  • Is the targeted keyword included everywhere?

Step 4: Analyzing crawl report:
Have a look at the crawl report. You could make use of the screaming frog tool to crawl your website. There are possibilities to find out duplicate URLs, Client Errors, Thin Content, Duplicate Meta Description and missing alt text.

Step 5: Analyze your backlink profile:
Analyzing your backlink is a way of analyzing the links that are pointing to your website. You do so to find the number of spammy links that could penalize your site. In order to perform the backlink analysis you could log into the Ahref and search your site on the site explorer.

You need to ensure the following three important things,

  • Anchor text
  • Broken links
  • Sleazy links

#3 E-Commerce content marketing:

Being a technical writer and a blogger, content marketing is my favorite marketing. A recent day analysis states,

1. 45% of marketers prefer blogging as their first strategy.
2. 70% of people get to know about a company through an article.
3. 68% of consumers feel convenient about a brand after receiving their content.

Moreover, content is the best strategy to rank for more keywords and obtain backlinks much better. Your product and category page could rank only for certain keywords. When you think that you have achieved an extent and that you cannot proceed any further, then the only go would be the content strategy.

Content marketing could fill those gaps. You could make use of all possible and long tail keywords that relate to your industry. Content marketing not only improves your traffic but also your sales. Content also helps you to increase links which further improve your domain authority.

Also have a look at the following content marketing topics,
1, How to Engage SEO with Content Marketing Strategies?.

2, Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies To Look Over.

#4 E-Commerce SEO case studies:

More than walking through the entire case study, to help you know which works better, I would like to give an overview of how they work. The following are some of the steps that makes better understanding.

1. know your keyword( includes commercial keywords for products, category pages and long tail keywords for your blog content)
2. Match the exact keyword to the right site.
3. Optimize your website by performing an SEO audit, fix your site structure, reduce thin content.
4. Enhance on-page SEO and update content to best result on target keywords along with linking back to the important product page.
5. If required, build white-hat links to the most important page.
6. Watch the conversions made.

Very often, we make SEO more complicated. Always try to understand the Google’s goals to provide the possible search results. And if that is going to be your goal then you will definitely achieve in the long run.


Though there are several other ways to generate traffic like paid ads, social media, email.

“Search traffic is the only best way and the fairly simplest way to get results”.

If you are planning to obtain hundreds and thousands of visitors for your E-commerce website, you need to understand E-commerce SEO. The simplest SEO could help you way better than a complicated one. And that is not going to take you long years of effort.

If you find the article to be helpful enough, then let me know through your valuable comments. In case if you are a company or an E-commerce based industry looking out to SEO your website for a better conversion, then CONTACT US immediately for better services and solutions.

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