How to Engage SEO with Content Marketing Strategies?

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It is always been a great deal for digital marketers to equally balance on both Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. And for most companies, SEO and content marketing is a struggle note. Hope you have also come across such circumstances, but this shouldn’t be into existence anymore.

The true fact is, both do great together.

I would like to bring something to your notice that you should really be aware of, and they are competitive enough among the other niches.

  • Quality content alone is not going to pay better.
  • SEO is not just enough.

When you come across articles you wonder how do these articles gain so much visitors, but you would not have noticed their development process. They have steadily gained their trust among website owners and online users in all these days. So how do they process in building such links?

Now, this post is going to help you with finding right keywords through which you compete effectively and understand the required inbound links that make your post appear on the first page of Google.

The following #3 Steps could help you in a better way to make your website appear on the first page.

#1 Predict Your Status On Google Ranking

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Before you could start, you should be aware of keywords for which you ranked before.

To be more effective:

“What are the keywords that brought you traffic and conversions initially?”

Now your question has its answer if you have already connected your Google Analytics to Google Search Console account. But I would like to bring it to your notice:

“Google does not show up with the conversions”

Yes, Google allows access only to the data on the landing pages and not the conversion part. Instead, you could make use of the tools like SEMrush, SpyFu or the Ahref to find the missing data.

These tools help you to find the keywords for which your URL appears on Google. You could also analyze where you URL is placed in the Google’s listing.

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#2 Find Some Relative Keywords

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Once your prediction and analysis have come to an end, you should proceed with finding the exact matches. In case, your most search results are from the content marketing, then it is good to make use of the content niche to generate enough content.

You know “WHY?”

These keywords related to the topic mentioned above had a huge impact on your audience and that it is good enough to generate relative content on the topic. At the same time, these keywords perform much better to bring you more audience than before.

“How do you make it up to find such keywords?”

Here is your answer:

Though there are several ways to find such keywords, I would like to help you with some good techniques. The simplest way is to check the Google’s Autocomplete. You could make use of the Google’s Autocomplete either manually or with the help of tools.

Before you could proceed with your next content generation process, You need to understand with, “What is trending among your target audience”. You can even make use of the Answer the public tool to analyze what people are looking for. The data is retrieved from the tons of searches and put up together for you based on the data that is already built in.

You could make use of the variety of keywords to generate ideas for content. The more variation of keywords the more ideas for content.

You could make use of tools like to scrap the contents of Google Autocomplete. The tool helps you consume time and avoid wandering online in search of the keyword. Along with it, the tool helps you know how many potential customers you could gain with the keyword.

Added, you could make use of the SEMrush tool to know more about the keywords. Some of the essential data that you obtain using this tool are:

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • SERP features
  • CPC and volume
  • Exact and Broad keyword match

The tool is instant enough to bring you good results and information on keywords. Now, this is how you need to consume time with keyword research and spend a lot on generating quality content.

Know some of the common tools that help you optimize websites SEO friendly, SEO tools that assist you to optimize SEO friendly

#3 Know Your Competition On SERP

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Now you are almost set with the list of keywords. It is your turn to select the right keyword and make use of it. At the instance, you could make use of the SEMrush tool to know the difficulty of the keyword, based on the organic search results and your domain visibility. But there are some drawbacks that make you spend a little more time with the tool.

So, “How could you make it simple?”

Here is a simple step to make the process go instant:

Collect all the domains and pages that rank on Google for the list of keywords that you have already selected. Make use of the SEMrush tool to find the set of domains and URLs. You could even select tools from these choices, Ahref, SEMrush, and SpyFu.All of these have the same functionality.

The results are displayed with ranking difficulty of the keyword, the number of monthly clicks and the search results. Once you are done with collecting all domains and URLs, you need to check with the number of referring domains for each. You could make it simple with the help of tools like Ahref.

Now, you are determined enough with the type of keyword that you have chosen. You also have a clear picture about the keyword not only based on the search results but on the current scenario on SERPs. There is also a clear vision on the number of referral links required for your content to rank better on Google.

You could even estimate the number of visitors you would obtain in the following days and even calculate the conversion that would be obtained monthly. It is because you have researched all the essential points about “KEYWORDS”.

Final Verdict:

Outstanding the crowd with a trustworthy tag on your brand is not that simple. But that doesn’t mean it is not possible.

You need to make efforts that with what you have already. Perform analysis on the content that you have generated before and the ones that brought you traffic and increased conversions.

Find keywords that are relevant to it. Also find the number of referral URLs required for your pages and content to rank on Google Searches. Give the most for the content that your target audience shows more interest. Make use of the marketing tools for better online marketing strategy. And make sure that you are always ahead of your competitors.

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Have I missed any of the valuable points? Then, do not fail to let me know about them. Looking forward to hearing it from you all on the successful march.