Content Marketing Strategy – A Plan To Scale Up Your Business

The age of social media is taking every business to a new standard where almost every company are turning into publishers. The primary work of these publishers is to publish quality content that makes everyone understand what it takes to be in the industry. It looks easier to say, and when it comes to implementation, it is far difficult. If you are a content marketer, then this is something that is crucial for your to consider – ‘Content marketing strategy.’

New Content Ideas

The marketer calls the content marketing strategy as the lighthouse to the sailors in the marketers. It mainly works for planning, measuring, productions and promotion of quality content. Preparing a plan means a hard task upfront, but when thinking about the future, it eventually reduces the workload offering optimum solutions and results. Always align the content marketing goals to your business goal to achieve the maximum.

Here is why every business needs a content marketing plan:

Every marketer has different approaches to publicize their company, and often they choose content marketing when every other marketing techniques like PPC or trade show marketing perform not as expected or not scalable or even too expensive. For example, say you have a product, and you do PPC marketing to generate more leads. You spend $2 for every click and your generate 1000 leads in a month. What happens the next month? You do the same and get 1000 fresh leads. This repeats until your $10000 every month, and when you stop spending, the lead conversion stops.

Now, let’s see the same with blogs. Now your write a blog and post it on your website’s blog section. Let’s say the visitor-to-lead conversion is 4% i.e. four leads for every 100 visitors in the first month. Not like PPC, your work is done now. The blog post will continue to generate leads every month and not only them but also all other blogs that your post. This rapidly increases the leads every single month. The results prove how content marketing is proving to be a better a marketing strategy for businesses.

Strategical plan content marketing:

Content, all alone might not work efficiently and effectively. It needs other marketing principles to get incorporated for compliments. Mainly, the companies focus on content marketing program as it is cost effective, scalable and predictable for generating traffic and leads. Here is what you call as the perfect content marketing strategy that leads your business to higher level.

The Lead:

Manpower is most important when you start with content marketing. So, you have to choose wisely a sole person to handle and drive the process. It purely depends on the number of employees at your office, in your marketing team, and also on the budget allocated. The content marketing should have the following people

  • Designers
  • Content Creators and Curators
  • Social media manager
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts.
  • A creative and very well experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The Hire:

Now, you know who are responsible for the various process of your content marketing procedure. It’s time to hire the right person for the various works. Before you start the hiring streak, make sure the following questions are answered

  • What is the job title that needs to be hired?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What are their responsibilities?
  • How many candidates need to be employed?
  • What will the selection process?

The Tools:

Once you have the manpower right, the next will be the necessary tools and technology to support the needs of the team. When you decide on the tools, there are two things for consideration. The tool that are ‘needed’ and the tools that are ‘nice to have’. Here is the list of the core tools that every content marketing team needs and have.

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Analytics tools (Google Analytics, DataHero, etc.)
  • Project Management System (PMS) [Trello, Zerys, etc.]
  • Design software (The Adobe console like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Basic software (MS Office, etc.)

The Content:

Now, you have setup the team, and you have the necessary tools and technology to start. What next? Start creating quality content. Here, let’s see the types of content assets and the resources involved in each creation.

  • Blog posts
    • How to
    • List
    • News
    • Info slides
    • Recent happening
  • Premium content
    • eBooks
    • Reports
    • Templates
  • Visual content
    • Infographics
    • Slideshares
    • Video
    • Images

Content creators and curators are responsible for blog posts whereas the premium and the visual content mostly involves the designers, programmers, sometimes content writers, etc.

The Distribution:

The primary step of content marketing starts here at the content distribution process. The marketers say it as the marketing arm of the content marketing process. This process all about taking your content to the right hands i.e. making your audience follow your content. Most of the content marketing skip this step because of any on of the following reason.

  1. They thing just the post would do good as the search engines take care of the distribution.
  2. They have a team of writer and not many marketers. The work of a writer is to create quality content, and they don’t have the interest in marketing the produced content. They keep writing.

Here is the list of the most efficient ways to distribute your content to help reach the targeted audience.

  • Search engines: The search engines can do a lot of distribution, but they only distribute it on the 52nd page. Your content should hit the top spot to reach the particular audience. This is where your content writer should carefully work with your SEO specialist to write keyword rich content.
  • Social media: Social media is a vast area to help your content reach the right hands. Share your blog posts, infographics, slide shares, etc. on the social networks on which you are active. Google’s algorithm also considers social signals as the prime factor for your search ranking. Increase your fan network with quality content sharing.
  • eMail: eMail marketing is dais to be the effective approach to reach your target audience with the created content. Increase your email subscribers list and regularly send emails with updates happening.
  • Ads and PPC: Digital advertising is ultimately getting the scores day by day. Pay per click marketing is leading the promotion strategies as the result from it is huge for every business.

The Measure:

You have built the base of your content marketing, and now all you have to do is to measure the growth. Doing systematic analysis and reporting on the following metrics is vital.

  • Content marketing team
  • Blog posts
  • Gated assets
  • Social media

The reports are necessary as they help to identify the performing areas – positive and negative trends – using which you can restructure your strategy accordingly.

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