How to optimize your website for Google voice search?

Ok Google! what is the temperature today?

The frequently used technique by mobile users to search information these days.

Google is planning to make websites better for search results. You know why?

Voice search has become the most common techniques that people have adopted to make their searches. Since voice search has evolved and people have identified it to be the simplest technique. They have started to practice it in their day to day life.

Being a website owner, how good are you in adopting such techniques to your websites?

Haven’t tried one? Then this is the right time for you to fix up your website and optimize it for Google’s voice search.

In this post, let us have a look at the importance of voice search, how this technology evolved? What steps to be implemented in your business?


What is Google voice search?

Earlier the voice search was named as “Voice Action” and was meant to process according to the voice commands on an Android phone. Later in August 2014, it was merged with Google and was added a new feature to be identified as “Google Voice Search”. The Google voice search is designed to respond to multiple languages.

The efficiency of Google voice search:

Google voice search had taken the search results to the next level. Effective results are obtained through voice searches. Websites that are fast enough to load and that are optimized to voice searches can only take part in these results. It is obvious that ranking on Google searches is a difficult task. In order to make them rank for voice searches, you need to take a step further in the optimization process.

Let us discuss some of the essential points that help you to get your website optimized for voice searches.

Before we could proceed with learning optimizing techniques for voice search, let us see how it works.

How does voice search work?

Voice search is inspired by neural networks of the human brain. The implementation of the neural network began in Jelly Bean. The process goes as follows,

The Android voice recognition software recognizes what you speak and chops them to send it to eight different computers that are centered at Google’s vast army of servers. It is then processed by the neural network that is built specifically for voice search. Then Google analyzes a ton of patterns and uses them to predict new patterns just like the neurons in the brain.

Google initiates the process by understanding the consonants and the vowels which are the foundational layer. Later it uses them for brilliant guesses about the words.

This is how Google’s voice search works. When you understand the schema of its functioning, you will be able to efficiently optimize your website for the voice search.

What are the benefits of optimizing for a voice search?

You obtain several advantages by optimizing your website for voice search. We have listed a few benefits for your reference.

# Improve authority:

The foremost thing that you obtain through optimizing a website for a voice search is the authority. When you gain authority then you become the superior power where people find solutions for their queries.

# Direct customers your way:

Try optimizing voice search for the physical location you have. This helps Google to direct users to your location when they type in a relevant query.

# Increase traffic:

If your website is optimized just the way your users expect it to be and you are providing them relevant answers to their questions. Your users will automatically return to you very often. By this, you increase traffic to your website.

# Help customers in making decisions:

Making decisions is the crucial phase that customers face. When users come across such circumstances, your optimized web content could help them out. In case they wanted to know about a company, through voice search they could obtain the most recent review that might help them to come up with decisions.

How to optimize your website for voice search?

At last, we are here to help you with optimizing your website for Google’s voice search. Let us elaborate a few steps through which you will be able to understand better.

#1 Implement structured data:

Content is the key place to start with. At the same time, search engines also look for factors beyond the content and rank them in search results.

Most experts benefit from these factors and try to optimize content for search engines. The schema markup which is also known as the structured data is one among the factors. These factors may not have a direct impact on the search rankings, yet they are meant to provide a huge competition to your competitors.

It is not visible to users, but it helps search engines to organize and differentiate content. It can also be characterized as “microdata”.

You might come up with a question stating, “how can microdata relate to voice search?”. Here is the answer. When users search for local businesses, the foremost thing they try to find is the contact information, address, directions and the likes.

By using the microdata you can make sure that search engines classify this information. On the other hand, we also recommend you to submit the complete sitemap to Google.

#2 Deliver blog posts that answer your customer queries:

Speech completely differs from typing. People speak different keywords on the voice search when compared to the ones that they type. For example, people type “best restaurant near me” but when it comes to voice search they use,“which is the best restaurant near me?”

So the keywords for voice search completely differs from the normal ones. You need to be very careful in understanding them and optimizing your website accordingly.

Listen carefully to the words that your users speak and note down the words they use in order to search their answers. Once you are aware of what they need, you can create relevant content.

These common queries are limited as FAQs by most leading organizations. But what we suggest is, creating a dedicated blog page would make more sense.

This not just benefits voice search. It can also be relevant to most searches that people afford.

#3 Transform mobile-friendly:

Voice search is common to mobile devices. Whenever the user happens to get informed about something he/she uses the mobile devices to derive information.

Hence, it is essential to optimize content and your website with a responsive design.

You can learn how to transform your website into responsive one in 5-simple steps. To check how responsive is your website, you can make use of the Google mobile-friendly test tool.

Google can clearly state whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. If not you will be intimated with the steps to transform your website.

You can also make use of the pagespeed insights to gather the details of the loading speed. If you wish to know more about the page insights, you can find the content breakdown and the waterfall graph that denotes the elements that affect the page loading speed.

Once you have fixed your website accordingly you need to take care of the content. The pattern differs from desktop to mobile views. Thus, the content needs optimization for aiding scanability.

Make sure you frame content with enough space, make it readable with short spaces, use simple words and engaging headlines. So, this is how you transform your website into a mobile-friendly website.

#4 Demand my business listing on Google:

Help your customers to find you through simple ways.

It is really simple to knock it down. You can make use of the footer to share your business information. This is where users normally check for business/company details.

There are two different ways through which your users search,

1) “Restaurants in Mumbai” – In this case, if you have optimized your website for local search there are chances that you may appear on the top results.
2) “Restaurants near me” – This is where Google relies on My Business listings. You need to claim for Google My Business listings.

Make sure that your address, phone number, and the name of your business are clear on the listing. Also, ensure that you give your phone number with the area code.

You will be provided with an introduction field where you can make a business pitch. Get the space hooked up with 400 words to describe your products and service.

The most important thing that you need to take care is the category. Google differentiates businesses accordingly. You need to link your business to its relevant category that you may get listed on the relevant one and appear when your users check for those categories.

Alongside, you need to insert a few relevant and high-quality images in order to convince your users to visit your store. Make sure that you maintain consistency when you are filling the NAP information.


With all these mentioned strategies you will be able to make a huge difference in the search results where you were behind all these days. In case, if you have not bothered about the voice search, it is high time that you need to act instantly to get ranked for most searches and keywords.

These strategies would definitely find you in a better place in the upcoming days. Do not miss to write us regarding your success stories.

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