Options to list your website on top via Online traffic!

How do you increase traffic to your websites? A question that has been a topic of discussion, on many occasions. Also, to which the answers are numerous. However, most of these answers all point to certain key factors that make up for major impact on your websites. They are Quality Content, Social Networking and Good Web Design.

Increasing the traffic flow to any website is a concern for any business or service that is striving to take a foot hold through online means. This is because more traffic naturally means more business possibilities and prospects of growth. To this end many companies go to great levels and greater financial strains in order to attain and sustain peek traffic to this websites.

So, can you too compete and expect to see results in areas where the big fish are dominating? Following are some ways and methods you can consider, that will help you sustain in the competition and improve your website’s traffic.

  • Content

There is always a demand for good and quality content, it doesn’t matter how tough the competitions are, but, content that is rich and original will keep your customers coming back to you. Here are some tips to help you with that.

Great Beginning – Title

What other better way is there to attract people to your content than a catchy and resourceful title? Title of an article is the first thing that a reader will see before getting to your article. And that usually will be the only thing they will be seeing, if it isn’t driving them forward. So, spend time on your titles and come up with attractive captions that can hook a reader in a glance and spike there interest to a level beyond their resistance.

The Content

It is important to understand, that reader are here to gain something from your article. So, it is very important to provide them with just that. So, making sure your content is rich with information and proves to be a source where your readers can learn something from it, addresses this need. Ensuring this can greatly boost the value of your content.

Never post a duplicate of another website, because this will put yours right at the bottom of the order.

Covering one sector of audience and offering them the best of what they can get, will dramatically increase your web’s traffic with one section of people. This is much better than trying to cover a wider range of audience and not being able to deliver such high quality of content. For this you could either start a web on topic related to your interest, or one based a topic that is least covered (This will require research on its own).

Final Touches

Giving the proper finishing touches can make the difference between “another article” and “right article”. These include Meta Descriptions, Keywords and Tags to your article. Posting your content under the right category and linking them with suitable tags and keywords is a very important step, that, if ignored is going to deprive your website off potentially great traffic. However, don’t overdo them though.

  • Social Networking

As your contents become more and more likable, your readers would want to share it, thus creating contents that are easily sharable through networking sites is mandatory for a successful website.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinstrip, Instagram are some of the major networking site that you effectively can use for this purpose. Making sure that you have a greater presence in these will improve your traffic by multi-folds, as sharing and following becomes a necessary step towards getting higher recognition and exposure.

Interacting with your readers and creating opportunities where they are motivated to interact, comment, follow and write on your forms is also part of networking. The more networked you are, the higher the probability for greater website traffic.

Apart from getting your website linked to these sites, you can also make internal links. That is creating links to your older posts within newer post, where appropriate.


Of various modes of marketing, advertising has had the primary position for centuries. This holds true with our need for more traffic too.

There are both offline and online methods to advertise your website. The most obvious means of offline advertising is through word of mouth; tell everyone you know and get to know about your website – newspapers, magazines, etc are other mediums that you can make use of.

The online methods would involve buying advertising packages available in search engine majors, such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.

  • Good Web Design

The look and layout of your website is another factor that is going to play a vital role in retaining and attracting customers and tempting them to return often. Making sure that your website’s design matches that of what you are offering is the first step towards it.

A simple and sharp web interface will go a long way in being attractive. The layout will be simple to handle and easy to navigate around. This keeps the visitors and potential customers from getting lost and frustrated.

Make your website optimized for mobile devices. As more and more are accessing the internet via their smartphones and tables, it is only obvious that optimization of your website to suit these needs is next to immediate.

These are some of the best proven and tested ways to improve the traffic for your websites.

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