How 2017 is going to be for digital marketing? The early Insights

Considering the digital and online marketing in mind, 2016 was an excellent year and made a huge changeover regarding mobility. This industry tops the list constantly as real never go down or slow down. We are almost nearing the end of an incredible year, as it is time to know how the industry is going to perform in the upcoming new year 2017 and how to prepare for the effects. Marketing is a highly competitive field where the marketers have to think about the future trends and anticipate changes before the competitors jump into the same.

Customers are vital for any business. Customer experience in the single and primary criteria of the digital transformation. The primary focus should be on the customer experience and the Sitecore CMO, Scott Anderson insisted on the same. He also said, “Six in 10 consumers are not satisfied with the experiences delivered by brands. While it is easy to get caught up in the complexity of so many trends that are changing the game for marketers and business in general, the starting point is the customer his or herself. ”

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The Early Insights of Digital Marketing in 2017:

Here are some of the predictions from the industry’s top experts about the trends that are ready to shape the future of digital marketing. It is not necessary that you have to deploy all but it is more useful when you are aware of the listed below. This helps in being competitive in the respective industries.

  1. Everything is most likely to be live
  2. Augmented reality is nearing its scope
  3. Data visualization will expand its wings
  4. Mobile will continue complete domination
  5. Social conversion will take its space
  6. Algorithms will frequently be updated
  7. IoT will reach its mainstream

Not only these but there are many to increase the threshold of digital marketing. Let dig these predicts in detail.

Everything is most likely to be live

Many would have witnessed the social media giant, Facebook entering into the world of live streaming as a result of the user requiring more interactions in real-time. So the users are likely to peep into the in-the-moment content which gives them a view of the real-time world. The increase in the internet speeds along with the ubiquity of mobile devices led to this demand. Since the live streaming feature got a full acceptance, many apps are targeting to introduce the live streaming feature in one way or the other. Experts predict that 2017 is going to be the year for live streaming to get the exact spot to stretch its wings.

Augmented Reality (AR) is nearing its scope

In recent times, people are crazy about a game called Pokemon Go. The game went viral, and many users and gamers started playing this fantastic game that made a profit of $10 million a day as a new revenue. The hype is all because of the revolution called as Augmented Reality (AR). The game showed a vision of two major things to the online marketing. One is that it revealed that the users are ready for AR experience and the other is that the marketers can taste the potential of earning with it. 2017 is sure to see the real rise of Augmented Reality. In the digital marketing perspective, many brands are sure to come out with AR ads, AR games, and apps that use AR as the main feature.

Data visualization will expand its wings

Data and information are said to be the lifeblood of all the marketers. Marketers need a huge sort of information to detail us with the customer information like who, what, when, and why. Sometimes even very established data analytics fail to understand what the data is all about as our brains are not made to process the enormous amount of numerical data. To make this process efficient and interpretation part easier, there are many data analytics tools like Chart.js, Raw, Timeline, Exhibit, etc. But, what is the significant change in 2017? Few enterprises have already begun to use these tools, and in 2017, every business will be trying to use the potential of these tools. The companies that are going to omit this are sure to fall into the disadvantage zone. 2017 is the year where data analytics needs will be greater that expected.

Mobile will continue complete domination

Everyone knows and it is evident that 2016 was a year for mobile. In 2016, we saw changes like the search giant Google introducing a mobile-friendly algorithm which phased-out websites that are not optimized for mobile use. Many stats were released that insisted the high use of the mobile over desktop. The traffic was moving towards mobile leaving desktop behind, making mobile-focused Internet marketing an essential. Digital marketers predicted that 2017 is going to the year where concentration will be more on mobile search and mobile optimization.

Social conversion will take its space

The power of social media is huge and enough has been said about the potential and impact of social media over the internet. In 2016, companies were focusing more on company-consumer conversion and attracting new and potential prospects. But 2017 is going to be entirely different for businesses and digital marketers as they will start using social media to provide potential opportunities on how to improve conversion rates making the business profit a huge ROI. As per the statement from the industry experts, social media will now work as a new conversion channel and will offer many tools that help the businesses convert every prospect into potential buyers.

Algorithms will frequently be updated

This year we saw few frequent updates in search algorithm and the scene is going to be entirely different in 2017 as per the digital marketing experts’ prediction. This is because of the huge amount of data entering into the web every second. Search giants are likely to throw frequent updates on deciding which content to get priority to the search query. The only strategy for the companies to remain stable is with the help of original, useful and informative content. Many marketers stay active and concentrate more on the Google’s algorithm but the time has come to focus on Facebook’s and Bing’s algorithm

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IoT will reach its mainstream

Sitecore’s CMO Anderson said, “IoT evolved form an idea to a foundational fabric in 2016.” The statement is true as the Internet of Things came to the big picture in 2016 and made a huge change in almost every industry from logistics to healthcare. Wearables becoming the essential part of everyday life, the importance of data and IoT has caught up the fire as they need to the in the mainstream for the companies and marketers especially the ones deploying the digital stances. LogRhythm’s Wong said, “Marketers will need to address the skyrocketing demand for online, and particularly mobile, interactions with customers.” 2017 will see a huge change in the world of connected devices.

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Not only these trends but there are also many which need to be focused. We have made this list from our past experiences with the online markets and the thought of the industry specialists. So, what will be your expectation for 2017? Share us your thoughts in comments.