Google 2016: 3 most expected patents that alters search results

Google has always been the #1 source for all the queries that raises every day. The Search Engine giant makes sure everything is updated, and the people get the relevant answer to their questions. The algorithms deployed by Google are quite complicated as people will get confused about what is going to happen after the deployment. If you are a digital marketing guy of a web development company, it is hard to explain the changes to your client. Frustrating. Isn’t it?

Google-Search-2016Google usually updates 400 to 500 times a year apart from the major updates like search engine algorithms, etc. It can be easily overcome by understanding the patents applied by Google which impacts the search in future.

What is a patent?

A patent is nothing but records of files that Google keeps. They are files that have not been implemented, but Google stores them so that they can use it in the future.

Understanding the patents might come handy and will help you understand the following

  • Future of SEO
  • Implementation of successful long-term SEO campaigns
  • Best practices

Looking forward to the near future i.e. 2016, the most relevant patents to concentrate on is listed below

  • Search result duplication using structural data
  • Rich content answers for queries
  • Search ranking result (onsite and offsite)

Search result duplication using structural data

Duplicate content has always been a threat to search engines. Google is always working to reduce the duplicate content, but it is a hard thing to do that too for eCommerce websites that have hundreds of pages indexed in which many are not needed. Finally, now Google found a new way to restrict duplicate content using Schema markup.

The schema markup patent helps Google identify duplicate pages i.e. The search results could be either bunched together around the same entity or removed on the whole. This results in accurate search results. To find the appropriate markup of your website, use website.

Rich content answers for queries:

Recently, Stone Temple researched on the intensity of rich content on the web site and found that there is an enormous increase when compare with that of the report taken on February 2015. The rich content patent is given a excellent attention as it helps the user get the desired response for their query.

Let us suppose, the user searches for “why, should I eat fruits daily?”, the results will be appropriate and can be in any of the following forms

  • Images
  • Graphs
  • Content
  • Snippets
  • Video

Why is this patent so important? Users always require appropriate and comprehensive answers to their queries. The recently updated developer’s guide from Google ( has a lot more information about the content patent.

Search ranking result (onsite and offsite):

The onsite and offsite search ranking result patent is something you need to have your eyes on. Google haven’t updated its PageRank since December 2013, and Google also announced it wouldn’t be updating its Toolbar PageRank. Since, this side is in ultimate silent for the past two years, Google might do something with this patent in one form or the other.

Bill Slawski said, “The global ranking score for a site may be based, at least in part, on a level of trust in a domain associated with the particular site. This sounds like it anticipates the possibility that multiple sites might be contained in one domain, like a” The trust varies accordingly with the onsite and offsite works. For onsite content, the trust comes in the form of

  • Search queries relation with semantic search
  • Content position in the overall site framework
    and for offsite,
  • Search rank of the particular search query
  • Backlinks from other related pages

Search campaigns will depend more on authority and rich content in 2016. Share your thoughts with us.

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