Social Media Optimization For Better Conversion Rate

Worried that your conversion rate is not meeting your expectations? Did you ever think optimization of social media content would be the only solution?


Then let me tell you the truth. Optimizing your social media content could scale up your business and help you much better in conversion rates.

This post explains to you how to optimize social media content for a better conversion rate.


Optimization On Facebook:

  • Images Engage Viewers:

A few days back, Hubspot’s social media lead generation team had run various tests on how images engage viewers. The analysis has claimed the importance of media at a higher level.

The study has also proved that when compared to other media files, images had a huge impact. Images compose 93% of Facebook’s engaging posts.

  • Quality Matters In The Case Of Media Files:

When you are about to use media files in your website then you should be aware of using the best quality image. Make sure that you use the required file size for the image.

In case if you use an image that is of irrelevant size, then that is going to affect visual scrolling.

  • Be Careful When You Copy Links:

I have come across Facebook feeds in which people post links and fail to remove copy links. This shows up on their feed. The copied link is unnecessary and occupies unwanted space.

  • Improve Word Count:

Analysis has proved that using more than 80 words has good engagement. When you avoid posting copy links on the feed you have enough space to engage your post with words.

This becomes really effective when compared to copy links engaging your posts.

  • Concise Title To 100 Characters:

The foremost thing that you should notice on posting links is the title is the character length. In case, if your title is too big, make sure that you concise the character count of your title.

Be aware of using characters less than 100. You can make the title crispy within those 100 characters which grab attention.

  • Publish Either Weekends Or After Working Hours:

Studies have proven that most posts that one publishes during 5 PM to 1 AM have a higher interaction. People who view posts at these timing tend to like and share posts at a higher rate.

At the same time, posts that one publishes during weekends have a prior engagement. You could find the same kind of interest shown in the post same as the one that you post during 5 PM to 1 AM.

Optimization On Linkedin:

As portrayed earlier LinkedIn is one big business platform that most visitors use. Hence, it is good to optimize your posts even on LinkedIn.

  • Group Announcements:

Maintaining company pages on LinkedIn is good yet I recommend LinkedIn groups. Groups have a better response when compared to pages. Though creating a page as well as the group has an impact, in person, I felt groups have a better benefit than pages.

  • Generate Leads Through Offers:

A recent analysis on Hubspot has found that generating leads through LinkedIn is 277% effective compared to twitter and Facebook. In case, lead generation is the prime source of your business then LinkedIn would be a better choice.

  • Publish For a Greater Response:

It is good to post twice a week. The more you share your posts on the platform the more you get engaged. You could generate leads through posts which make people get in touch with your company.

Valuable posts concentrating a specific audience makes them turn towards you. The more effective posts bring the effective audience.

  • Images And Videos Pay Lot:

Want to have a conversational interaction with your audience. All you need to do is, share the most with images and videos. This could make your audience super interactive.

You could grab the attention of your audience in seconds. Only images and visuals could engage such a huge audience. Hence, using them on your posts could pay better.

The Most Common Mistake:

The one good thing that most follow at most times and made that to be bad is the hashtag. People started to force irrelevant trending hashtags on posts.

It is good to have hashtags on posts but many have started to force them. Knowing the exact hashtag that is relevant to the post is most important. You need to know which is important and which is not. One irrelevant tag makes the post unresponsive.

Now, this post could help you with better conversions in future. You could make that happen by checking out with all the above-mentioned strategies.

Many fail at least one of them and miss their conversions. Are you one among them, then do not hesitate to have a look at them. Check out with all these to make sure that you see higher conversion rate in the upcoming days.