How To Engage Employee Training With Gamification?

Leading companies have started to combine use cases for Gamification. Employee training is one among them. So let us have a look at how leading experts try to imply gamification over employee training. This post is going to help you with some of the gamification trends.

Top #3 Gamification Trends For This 2017:

Gamification trends figure out, “How businesses would make use of the techniques and technologies?”. It checks on, “How to improve reservation on training information and improve performance?”.

#1 Trend: Enhance Employee Training:

The traditional standard of learning solutions treats employees the same way. Intense performers need less motivation to achieve training exercises. Whereas, moderate performers need more attention to achieve such tasks.

employee training - gamification

Before you could proceed with Gamification in employee training, you need to understand, “why gamification should be your next target?”.

Gamification is something like video games. The levels get harder as you progress and unlock new skills and tokens.

Gamification helps SMBs to perform much better with low costs and associated training. Printing study materials and so on. The following are the added advantage of engaging gamification kind of employee training;

Instant Onboarding of New Employees:

Gamifying the hiring process could increase the training speed. It is possible to track on their training sessions, performance levels. Virtual levels could save time and effort. This especially helps with the SMBs, where employees tend to come up with new trends.

Uniformity In Opportunity:

Gamification in learning technology helps to engage employees in groups with similar skills. This improves the learning levels as well as their skills. Also, helps managers to categorize employees against performance metrics.

Learning One at a Time:

Training sessions often threaten employees. Gamification helps to break the fear of the session and helps to crack them into small steps. It also provides steps of challenge which motivates employees without discouraging them. The process improves the level of confidence at the end of every challenge. And even showcase their skills and talents.

#2 Trend: Gamification Builds Up Team:

A healthy competition not only builds up the team but promotes individual growth.

Team Improvement

A few companies at the startup levels offers games such as pool, ping-pong during downtime. But gamification builds the same while at work and even it works on remote teams.

Let us have a look on how gamification builds up collaboration;

Sustained Relationships at Work:

Very often, the organization puts up employees to work with limited communication. Gamification solves this issue. Say for, in a multi-player game, players join from across the world. Every player has a different aspect of its character. In case if anyone needs a help he/she could contact the leader-board. Later, they could sum up with the required skill to build a strong team.

In this manner, you could also sum up your employees as “Super teams”. Every member of the team could concentrate and give away their best. But focusing on every member varies as the skill set of every employee also varies. This could help the team to focus on higher standards and work on them. The method or manner of workflow not only helps to build up as a team. It also turns out to be friend zoned after working hours.

Pose Healthy Challenges To Build Up The Team:

The company could come up with challenges that are healthy enough to build up the team. The level of progression is a part of the individual as well as team’s performance metrics. The metrics help as a part of achieving skills and make them think out-of-the-box. Am telling you they could be pirates looking out a bounty.

Try this atleast twice in a year. Definitely, you will see its progress very soon. It is an alternate for employees looking forward to taking part in events rather than meetings.

The following article helps you know how significant gamification is,

Best Facts That Proves Gamification to Be More Significant

#3 Trend: Support Employee Well Being:

Best employees have more reliability and higher concentration. Getting them engaged is the biggest challenge ever. So, to make this happen established companies try to get them on track by installing gym. Whereas, it is a huge burden for a small and medium scale business. Here rises the need to promote a healthy lifestyle and battle diseases.


Here I would give away an example of how certain companies make it happen on employee’s well-being. They entertain employees to walk 5000 steps a day and celebrate their success. So let us see some more examples of gamifying health benefits;

Building a Positive Environment:

Appreciation even on small achievements could make people more enthusiastic in their workplace. Tapping the sense of gratification could motivate environment in the workplace. Getting your employees rewarded even on smallest achievements could get them encouraged. And even progress faster in their career.

Is it necessary to believe on the publicity of gamification?

Analysis has proved, prediction on gamification environment is capable of transforming organizational learning. A white paper forecasts that gamification market would reach $5.5 billion growth in 2018 at a range of 67%. The gamification oriented infrastructure could have a great impact on organizations.

The Need for Customization of Gamification:

Since the process of gamification is still in progress, customization is needed. And that is why SMBs has to wait for their solution on their needs. But there are still some small-scale gamification processes that improve productivity.

Companies can engage these trends and even give away employees an allowance. And if your employees are good enough in winning all the time then it is good to keep motivating them every time.

Though gamification has not achieved it’s 100%, it is still possible for SMBs to engage them. The strategies help employees to improve their skills. It also gets them encouraged from their normal state of work and avoids boredom.