Gamification Techniques You Need To Know To Engage Your Business

What Is Gamification All About?

Gamification is the process of adopting the techniques and strategies of games and getting them implemented with your work culture.

Though gamification is one of the older techniques of the early 2Oth century they were considered to be important in the year 2009, for most businesses. Initially, it was like “what would gamification have for an organization or a business?”. Later when people started to realize the importance of gamification then it started to be viral. Let us have a look how gamification has influenced organizations so far.


Nick Pelling’s Gamification:

It was in the year 2002, Nick Pelling started with the gamification concept introducing the user interactive interface over commercial devices. Say for, ATM and vending machines. This is how the Gamification Era started. Then proceeded with the modern platforms that proved advancements.

The Modern Gamification Platform:

The Bunchball was a wonderful platform that was designed by Rajat Paharia to engage website through gaming mechanics.

Later gamification was into existence with a different perspective which had no effect on web users. In 2009, FourSquare a social tool was designed to search and identify new places. In spite of the common facts, the application rewarded its users with badges, which is one of the contributions that gamification had towards its users.

Let us look in brief how gamification became the heart of organizations. All through the years, gamification had drastic growth which became the important cause of business development and customer interaction.

How Did Gamification Turn To Be The Important Factor Of Organizations?

Games are not meant only for kids. There are adults who still love games. It is because games have the power of attracting and interacting. That is why it is suggested to implement the techniques of gamification over businesses. The surprising factor of gamification is, it is easy to implement and at the same time, you are provided a huge variety of approaches to get them bonded to your business.

This strategy made businesses owners dare to implement them on their businesses and found them to be quite deserving. There was a huge response over implementing the strategy hence every business started to make gamification as their prime factor of their business which had a huge interaction with their customers.

How Could Gamification Help Online Businesses?

As we all know content is the key factor for online business. Anything that is without content online is worth nothing. At the same time, gamification started to have a higher impact on businesses and internet of things, people started to realize the importance of gamification to a greater extent.

Implementing gamification over content seem to be a great idea. Hence, people started to analyze ways to implement. At early stages, images and videos were the highest modes of interaction for viewers and still, it is believed the same. With this strategy in mind adding gamification was believed to serve better.

Leader Boards:

I know that many of us are crazy about the game “CLASH OF CLANS”. Have you noticed the leader board in it? So what would be your motive when you see your name at the last on the leader board? It is obvious, the next time you play, you wish to see your name at the top of the score board.

Everyone loves to compete, everyone loves to stand ahead of the crowd. And that is where leaderboards play its major part. When you implement the leader board on your content and let it display your viewer’s name, the response is different. You can make use of the leader board and display the name of the customer at the top. This could be done for the one who has posted highest comments or replies on the post. This engages your post in a better way.


Won’t you be happy when you are rewarded for being special? Of course, you do. Giving away your customers virtual badges makes them feel special than ever. You could engage your customers by rewarding them with these badges and make them visit your website often.

Progress Bar:

The Progress bar is also one of the good techniques that I have come across. Whenever I come across sites that ask me to fill up forms before I could proceed with its content, I could find a progress bar showcasing the level of my action. I eagerly fill the form in order to make the progress bar display the full 100%.

This is one of the trending strategies that most websites have started to follow. You could also engage your customers in a similar way.

Now did you understand, how gamification plays the trick on customers? Businesses that adopt gamification on their websites have so far experienced the richest outcome. There is always a better chance to engage your customer through gamification. As told earlier gaming strategies are still an interest to different age groups. You could boldly adopt the strategy for a better engagement.


There is no doubt at all, gamification is a better strategy to engage your customers and enhance your business. Studies have proved that gamification is capable of boosting conversion rates.

Wish to experience the impact of gamification on your business? Don’t ever miss this chance. Try the best techniques to improve your business.

Do you feel that I have missed any specific gamification techniques? Are there any techniques that you have succeeded using? Then do let me know through your comments.