How Geofencing Helps To Improve Your Business Value?

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But have you ever tried geo-fencing or atleast heard of it? Let me help you out with this topic in today’s post.


What is geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is a trigger that operates or triggers at reaching certain boundaries. The boundaries are certainly destined by the administrator. Geo-fencing integrates Google-Earth which helps administrators to define boundaries above satellite view over a specific geographical area.

There are virtual barriers that a geo-fencing has. They can be one of the either,

  • Active geo-fence
  • Passive geo-fence

Active geo-fence:

Active geofencing requires end-user to opt-in to location services and needs a mobile app to be open.

Passive geo-fence:

Passive voice is entirely dependent on Wi-Fi and Mobile Data rather than depending on GPS or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Hence they work in the background.

Added there are various other functional advantages:

  • Fleet management: Alerts the dispatcher when a truck driver breaks his route.
  • HR management: Alerts when an employee enters a prohibited area.
  • Marketing: A coupon code could be generated when a customer enters the specified geo-fencing.
  • Law implementation: Ankle bracelets alert authorities when individuals under house arrest try to escape from the premises.
  • Drone management: Sporting events can have geo-fencing to create a temporary no-fly zone to avoid drones crossing defined area.

So let me tell you how does it differ from normal beacons or NFC.

Difference between geo-fencing and beacons:

If you have come across beacons and iBeacons already then you would wonder what would be the difference. A beacon is a transmitter that delivers information to mobile devices when a user goes near it with an authenticated mobile app. This might sound similar to geo-fencing yet beacons do not indicate the location on your map.

Beacons could serve only small areas and can be used for monitoring. Geo-fencing is less accurate for small locations but serves best for entry and exit to large areas especially for sporting events.

How geo-fencing works?

An administrator or a developer needs to set up a boundary to make use of geo-fencing. This might spare a mobile app in order to notify the user on reaching certain areas that are geo-fencing specified.

For example, if you are visiting a venue, they might have an app that you can download and deliver you information about the event. This is where the geo-fence that is managed by the retailer is programmed into the app. There are possibilities for an end user to set up a geo-fence using geo-fence capabilities in their mobile apps. Geo-fencing is not just meant for mobile apps. It can also be used to control and track vehicles.


Geo-fencing applications:

With Geo-fencing applications and with the improving popularity of mobile devices it has become a standard practice for numerous businesses. This has reached a spectacular position in marketing and social media channels. I would like to display you a set of geo-fencing apps that could help you better understand the purpose of geo-fencing,

Audience engagement: Geo-fencing can be used to engage the audience with the organized event. For example, a geo-fence in a concert venue could carry information to the set of audience heading the concert venue.

Smart devices: As appliances with smart capabilities overloaded now it is possible for your fridge to notify you that it is running out of milk when you cross a grocery store. This gets your work more simple and effective with the geo-fence.

Human resource: Companies engage geo-fencing to monitor employees especially for those who work off-site. This application can also be used to automate timecards and clocking employees in and out time.

Security: Geo-fencing might be interrupting yet they are certainly used to overreach based on their usage. A geo-fencing technology can also be used to provide security for mobile devices.

How could geo-fencing help businesses?

A simplest and the most effective strategy that can be used even by small business owners. If you are one such owner then you should definitely get on board with this amazing marketing strategy. This helps you to engage your customers and grow your business bottom line.

Why is it necessary to adopt geo-fencing?

With the emerging technology, you need to serve evidence to support the hype. The number expresses volumes,

  • 40% look for information as they travel
  • 60% look for local information on mobile devices
  • 70% share location with you in exchange for something

But how could location data help you? Let us have a brief view about this.

How can location data help?

How can this technology help you with your business? There are enormous ways you can make use of geo-fencing. As geo-fencing could improve customer interaction, productivity, accountability, and profits. It can also have your property and assets safe.

In order to kickstart, you need to have an application that best supports this technology. There on, the opportunities are endless. Try to find the steps that are utilized by businesses who have started to use geo-fencing.
North face is one of the leading companies when it comes to outdoor apparel. The biggest advantage of the company is that it does not fear to implement new strategies.

The company recently experimented geo-fencing to attract its customers to its stores through push notifications about the weather. The company boasts a 79% increase in store visits out of which 65% made purchases. It was likely to be understood that 86% of people use smartphones most of the time.

So this is where you need to pay attention to know how these big sharks are playing their game. Very important thing is, do not ignore any powerful resource because you will not understand it initially, hence you need to learn how to buying klonopin online in India and apply it to your business. There are several other companies that make use of geo-fencing and have excelled in achieving their targets in the long run.


It is safe to use geo-fencing as it is powerful and affordable to reach consumers. It is just simple as having a look at some of the well-developed companies who have already adopted geo-fencing into their businesses and have achieved great success. This could give you a great insight of how you can implement the same towards your business.

Anything that is affordable can be explored boldly and when you build an app that is equipped with geo-fencing capabilities can help you improve your current status and even stay ahead of the competitive crowd.