Why X Cart is preferred over Magento for ecommerce solutions?

Got drained with your unprofitable business in some other field? Come out from that and kick-start your eCommerce online business.

Develop a site using X-Cart. The visualization of these site gives the paramount viewing experience to all their valuable clients by presenting a number of product catalogs in their devices wherever they’re. This helps you to deal with thousands of customers, picking many preferred products of their choice by simply adding them to the shopping cart. Placing orders at ease using this method earned a good retorts from the users of these eCommerce sites.

After selecting the web layout for your eCommerce website, next choice should be of shopping cart as they hold a vital role in them. Let us see in detail how X-Cart is effective and widely used more than Magento in most of the eCommerce websites.

Magento and X Cart

Magento – Magento Inc is the developer of this open source eCommerce web application which uses EAV model for the data storage.

X Cart – open source software developed using PHP as a base

Why X Cart not Magento for Ecommerce?

Organization Features

X Cart is a robust open source app, and it can multiply the prospective of shopping carts persistently through consistent resources and services.

  • This app always comes with substantiate user manuals and technical support.
  • Step-by-step runs the system instantaneously once the installation gets completed
  • Easy to modify and competitively priced, hence it goes well with any kind of business despite of its size
  • More insightful and user-friendly solution when compared with Magento
  • Cost-effective solution to meet up the budget
  • Online Store Manager can keep track of the inventory to know the remaining stock at any time.
  • To facilitate the sales, it gives the detailed reports, statistics, catalog manager and much more.
  • Administrator can limit the access of a user to certain goods or products.

End user benefits

  • It is a search engine friendly app.
  • Before buying a product, the customers are open to the options like ‘compare’ and ‘review’. This assists the buyers in getting the best from a number of choices.
  • Customers can rate a particular product. This in turn results in knowing the additional features of that product and results in high productivity.
  • Integrates with the famous social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • Once the product is added to the shopping cart before checkout, it leads to the payment gateways that are more secure. The most famous payment gateways that act as a mediator between the banks and the online stores are also integrated with this app.
  • Responsive interfaces provide mobile compatibility despite of the sizes of the devices. (Either desktop or mobile)
  • Customers are given 24/7 assistance via Live Chat or through phone calls.

System-based features

  • It can be easily set up at shared server, because of its less resource consumption
  • As PHP Smarty Template System is used by it, programmers love to design the layout of the website.
  • Huge amount of data can be stored in MYSQL database. The database can be extended or customized as the complete source code and SQL are given.
  • To make use of the static HTML and dynamic content, it has incorporated HTML Catalog functionality.
  • Increases performance and customizes uniquely to gratify the needs of the diverse online stores
  • Highly reliable and rapidly fast without any extra optimization
  • A robust online store management system to store thousands of products
  • Being an open source app, it can be downloaded for free of cost. At the same time, the products at the online store can be added, edited and deleted as per the convenience of the vendor of the online store.
  • Provides maximum flexibility, hence it is preferred by most of the developers.

App’s added features

  • Inventory is controlled directly and informs the purchasing sector regarding the time of restocking goods.
  • Provides hosted and self-hosted services
  • Being a search-engine friendly app with rating features, the company websites are rated in the renowned search engines.
  • The online stores can be customized to be more attractive as per the choice of the online store manager to present a gorgeous site to grab the attention of more visitors or buyers.

Have the best feasible shopping experiences with X-cart!!!