Virtual Realty Is Seamlessly Rocking, Here Are Some Of The Google Cardboard Apps To Prove

The world is moving towards a fast paced culture where everything is getting a new look with many advancements in the features. One such technology of the present and the future is Virtual Reality (VR). Many top companies like Google, Facebook, and Sony have realized the fact and started believing that Virtual Reality is going to play a significant role in the technology advancements i.e. the way we interact with the connected world.


So, what is the virtual reality?

In simple words, the Virtual reality is the reality that we humans experience near us. In technical terms, virtual reality (VR) relates to a three-dimensional, a systematic or a computer generated environment to which the humans can explore and interact to enjoy the fact of virtuality. It manipulates objects to give a real-time feel to the people. An individual may experience the virtual reality using the two out of five sense i.e. the sight and the sound. Virtual reality is majorly categorized into two,

  • For training and education, simulating the real environment
  • Developing a virtual environment for game or interactive story

The best among the VR devices is the VR glasses as they give a brand new feel for experiencing things. One of the cheapest and most entertaining virtual reality glasses is Google Cardboard as it offers DIY method to assemble it. Mobile applications are increasing day after day, and the demand for virtual reality apps are also growing simultaneously as they are giving a new experience to the way we see things. We have picked up the best among the best iOS and Android VR apps for the Google Cardboard.


  • Incell VR:
    Many would have dreamt of shrinking and getting into a human body to see the mechanics involved in the human system. The Incell VR app helps you do it but not in real-time but virtually. It is a simple game that is all about protecting the human at the cellular level in the virtual reality.
  • VRSE:
    We can say, VRSE is a Google of virtual reality. It has three dimensional, fully-curated 360-degree videos offering full dynamic directional binaural sound. It is more like a Netflix with VR features.
  • Google Street View:
    Everyone knows how is Google is redefining the maps and the street view. Almost, all places around the world are captured in 360-degree view for better visibility and understanding of the location. No surprise in having the Google Street View in the virtual reality space.
  • Roller Coaster VR:
    The Roller Coaster VR is not just a typical roller coaster, but it takes your roller coaster experience to a new level by taking you through the tropical island.
  • Jaunt:
    Jaunt for iOS is something similar to the VRSE, and we will say it as one of the strong competitors of the VRSE application. It offers bot app and smooth cinematic VR content to the users.


  • InMind:
    InMind is a small game that offers fun-filled entertainment. As the name say, this game stimulated as it happens inside the brain. This game allows you to enter into the patient’s brain virtually to search for the neurons that cause mental problems.
  • Star Wars VR:
    For the Star Wars fans out there, this app will be a treat for you as it is one of the best for the fans. It creates an experience for the users and puts them on a role of Resistance secret agent on Jakku.
  • Lanterns:
    If you ever thought of being a person in the crowd of Lantern festival, but couldn’t make of because of much financial trouble, here is something for your to treat yourself. This app will help you experience the feel of the lantern festival.
  • YouTube:
    Which video streaming site will be everyone’s favorite? Without any hesitation, everyone’s answer will be the YouTube. It started offering 360-degree videos which viewed in VR gives a very special experience of being in the place.
  • Titans of Space:
    If you ever dreamt of being in the space, then this app will help you do so. But this will happen without leaving your room. This app has the complete 3D model of the space along with the distance between planets and the moon.

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