Social Media Marketing – Party Like Easy and Market Crazy

It has been a very long time since we spoke about the mass media of today’s people, Social Media. Our last article about social media explained the difference between the social media and traditional marketing. Also, it explained why social media marketing is far better than traditional marketing. To make things easy and clear for you, we are now writing about the craziness of social media marketing and the important aspects to carry it forward.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – The Boon:

Social media advertising has traveled a long way since Facebook introduced advertising in 2005. Since then, the social media is proving to be the master of reaching the targeted audience. Last year, Facebook revealed that the advertising revenue has reached $8.4 million in a span of 10 years since the launch of the first campaign. Social media advertising algorithms help find the potential customers by using the user’s shared posts to calculate the interests. It acts as a good option for advertisers to reach their target and potential audience as it has many options to do so. Here are some of the key points to choosing social media over other marketing practices.

  1. Social Media Marketing has improved conversion tracking
    Tracking information about the ad campaigns is vital as it helps in identifying the potential areas and users along with the conversion ratio. Social media ads have proved that it drives the users to make the valuable decision like buying, subscribing, registering and many. They can report on how the ad conversions are happening. Using these reports, businesses can easily plan their strategy for the future ad spends.
  2. Social Media Marketing has advanced targeting options
    Social media has a massive database of users of various industries. In this way, the social media advertising helps reach the potential audience in a huge range of ways. These mediums have increased the potential to reach the target audience by offering many options like the following

    • Targeting using the user’s interests
    • Targeting using the user’s behavior
    • Targeting using the user’s email addresses
    • Targeting using the user’s location and age
    • Targeting using the user’s lookalike and much more
  1. Social Media Marketing has a crucial fact in reaching the mobile devices
    Nearly 60% of the mobile users use their hand-held devices to surf the internet and especially social media. Advertising to the users using their mobile devices is the next big thing is turning the table on, and social media is sure to become the best native option for marketing. Already, 90% of the mobile users are using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more on the mobile device, and it has now become the better option to advertise when the users use the social media apps.

Social Media Marketing – Let The Party Begin:

Salesforce recently reported that near 70% of the marketers are likely to increase their social media budgets in the upcoming years as the social media ad investments are proving to be the best for the modern day marketing. Digital marketing is taking up the master’s role and so as the social media marketing. Starting a campaign might seem to be easy but running a successful campaign needs a lot of concentration and insights to the audience base. Here are some of the common questions that need self-answers before starting a campaign.

  • What is the primary goal of the campaign?
  • What is the cost of the ad investment?
  • What are the offers that are going to be advertised?

The better the campaign is, the better the return on investment (ROI) be.