Open Source Competency – Cost Effective, Rapid, Robust

Nowadays, lots of people have started talking about “open source” software. Actually, open source is a program in which the source code is generally created as a shared effort by a community and made available to public. Therefore, anyone can view, download, modify, reuse or redistribute the source code without worrying about royalties or fees to pay. Since, open source is freely available; most organizations prefer this to meet their goals on a limited budget.

Is open source only for non-profits?

No! Despite its low-cost, open source model also provides various other compelling advantages for businesses such as time effectiveness, great security, high quality, customizability, flexibility, interoperability, auditability and multiple support options.

Due to the lack of restrictions on modifications of the source code, most commercial software companies use this to build customized solutions. When compared to other centralized models of development, open-source model offers different types of agendas and approaches in production. Apart from this, it also provides a wide repository of modules and plug-ins that helps you to customize your website based on your business requirements.

The main purposes of using the open source model for web development are as follows:

  • To build reusable components
  • To build competency in selected application services
  • To resolve issues when applying open source technology
  • To provide technical solutions when facing technical challenges
  • To establish a forum of development knowledge

K2B Solutions, a professional Web Design and Development Company, is specialized in open source development in India. We have a great experience in executing a wide range of open source technology based projects to our clientele.

We provide our clients with robust open source web solutions that are cost-effective. Depending on our clients’ requirements, K2B Solutions provides the best services by reusing and customizing the various potentials of open source frameworks and open source solutions.

We have built high competency in customizing web solutions by using various open source technologies such as

  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Zend
  • MySQL
  • CodeIgniter
  • Magento
  • Oscommerce
  • Smarty
  • AJAX
  • JQuery

We deliver our clients with unsurpassed open source applications such as

  • PHP application and development
  • Joomla–WordPress–Drupal web development
  • Drupal open source customization
  • ECommerce website design and development

Why do you choose K2B Solutions for open source web development?

  • High exposure of different types of open source systems
  • Great experience in providing best open source solutions
  • Flexible customization based on clients’ requirements
  • Rapid deployment of websites and on-time delivery
  • Unique website respective to the open source

Our highly talented experts provide great assistance to our clients to build custom web solutions by employing different open source technologies and open source solutions.

We generally don’t restrict ourselves to a particular technology to design and develop websites. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies in the open source field.

We help our clients with cost-effective, reliable and quality open source web development services, which help them to recognize their dreams and meet their business expectations successfully.