How to create an attractive Email Newsletter?

In general, businesses try every possible way to attract their customers. In certain scenario, it has become obligatory for businesses to persuade the customers online and thus to undertake additional efforts.

Today, creating a quality website to promote products or services and hence to generate online sales is what every company is doing now. But, another most useful and powerful way of promoting businesses to reach existing as well as prospective customers is Email Newsletter.

By creating an attractive Email Newsletter, readers can become even more engaged and interested to find out new or more information about your products or services, whilst increases your business sales and profits.

Creating an Attractive eMail Newsletter

If you want to create an attractive email newsletter, then there are some key factors that you should keep in mind:

  • Have a clear focus: When planning to design an email newsletter for your business, always bear in mind that what you actually need to achieve it. That is, the actual purpose of the email newsletter should always remain in focus. Whether you may be sending your newsletter to inform the readers about your new product or service, or to make the readers familiar with the offers or discounts you provide for your products, the design should be relevant and direct the readers to take desired action.
  • Make simple and clean design: Mostly email newsletters are viewed in a very less time by the readers. So, it is important to keep the design simple and understandable. A complex newsletter design will distract the readers reading your information. So, avoid overfilling your email template with complex design, large number of images and information overload. A simple and clean email newsletter design is always attractive, and it facilitates a great understanding for the readers. Also, use short but descriptive content in your newsletter.
  • Use tables in your template design: Using tables for designing an email newsletter is considered as a perfect choice to make your template looks good as well as to gain more benefits. To provide various elements in a favorable way, you need to properly place the elements in your template. To do this, you can use tables in your template, and thus the elements will not appear distorted even if the readers view your email newsletter in a preview pane.
  • Use images safely: It is uncertain that the readers will be able to view the images in your template. In fact, if a newsletter is there with a blank appearance, then it is surely going to leave a very bad impression. So, images must be carefully used in your email newsletter, and also make sure that you use the images only if they are really required. Also, do not use too much of images in your newsletter because it gives a clumsy look to your email newsletter.
  • Avoid using animation or video: You can use catchy content and images in your newsletter to make it attractive, but it is mandatory to avoid using video or animation to create an attractive newsletter. This is because the email client may not support it, or it may make the email heavy. Hence, the reader will not take pains to view a video in an email newsletter. Instead, you can place them in your website for readers to view when they visit your website after going through your email newsletter.
  • Keep “Call to Action” simple and prominent: The main objective of an email newsletter is persuading the readers to take the required action. So, always keep this in mind while designing your email newsletter. Grab the reader’s attention, simplify the message you want to convey, and perfectly display the action button at the right place. The action button must be significantly visible and it must clearly describe the action.
  • Provide link to view the Web version: Sometimes your email newsletter cannot be viewed in proper form by the readers, even though you might have paid high attention to every detail in creating email newsletter effective. Therefore, it is very important to include a link that opens a Web version of your newsletter.
  • Adapt your newsletter template for mobile devices: Generally, websites are designed to cater to the mobile users. Likewise, your email newsletters must be created to make them adaptable and user-friendly to mobile devices. This helps you to reach your potential customers easily and efficiently.