Have a Eye On Phalcon PHP Framework As It Is Suspected To Do Miracles In Near Future

PHP frameworks are being widely used to develop custom web applications and since the launch of this development framework, it is remaining the developers favorite choice for many web application development. This helpful framework has everything from full-stack frameworks that has validation components, Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) to micro frameworks that helps in offering routine functionalities. PHP has many frameworks to perform different tasks and also has some frameworks that perform as an all-in-one solution with beautiful syntax, proper documentation, and high-speed performance. One such framework is Phalcon framework. Phalcon PHP framework is different when compared other frameworks with similar functionalities.


What is Phalcon?

Different from other frameworks, Phalcon is not just another package that you download, but it is special as it is a PHP module written in C language. It is a full-stack PHP web framework that is based on model view controller (MVC) pattern. This modern framework is open-source and was initially released on 2012. As said earlier, Phalcon framework is written in C language mainly to increase boost execution speed, handle more HTTP requests per second than any other framework written in PHP and reduce resource usage.

Phalcon-Logo-K2BAs its official claims, Phalcon is “A full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C-extension” and also it is considered to be the fastest ever built PHP framework. In most frameworks, the developers need to download and extract the archive into a directory, But in Phalcon, developers need to download and install it as a PHP module and as it an open-source, Phalcon can be modified and compiled for customized use.

Advantages of using Phalcon for your next development project:

PHP has N number of frameworks, and Phalcon takes a little advantage over every other framework like Laravel as it is C-compiler based PHP framework. Here are some of the main benefit of using this modern and robust framework.

  • C-extensions are loaded together as a one time process on the web server,
  • Any applications can use the ready-to-use extensions that are provided by the classes and functions.
  • Phalcon has a compiled code, and there is no interpretation.
  • It provides lower overhead for the model-view controller (MVC) based applications.
  • The speed is way better that any other available framework. For example, Phalcon supplies more that double of CodeIgniter‘s request.

Does Phalcon promise a good land for PHP?

Many PHP developers know that the language doesn’t work on huge load when the traffic is high, and it is not only requests per second but also the overall user experience. Google has also mentioned the same in “In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives.” It said that there was a correlation between the consumed content and the load time. Here are some of the highlights of what Phalcon offers

  • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Template engine
  • Query language
  • Micro application front controller
  • Handy devTools and more
  • Clean and well-organized documentations

Phalcon takes the major advantage when it comes to maintenance. It has well structured files that are intuitive and readable code. Phalcon is here for quite a while, and it started shedding some new light on the community and the language.