What are the benefits of using CodeIgniter framework?

Nowadays, you have so many open supply platforms that enable you to develop websites for gratis, but, only a few of them like CodeIgniter allows a hassle-free website development, as it provides various features in a suite to support quick and efficient development.

CodeIgniter is an open source rapid application development framework that is used to develop dynamic websites with PHP. However, CodeIgniter is not a perfect PHP substitute; it is a PHP driven framework that includes a grab-bag of plug-ins, libraries, modules and other resources to support complicated PHP procedures and functions.

CodeIgniter is a very simple and elegant toolkit that comprehensively serves you with many benefits:

  • As CodeIgniter is an open source framework, it is really simple to configure
  • It is easy to learn, adopt and deploy
  • It allows you to easily do customization for your own requirements
  • It simplifies the PHP syntax
  • It makes coding in PHP very simple, quick and easy to use
  • It is a brilliant framework used to learn more about how PHP works
  • It allows you to streamline the code underlying your web pages easily
  • It is built on a linear and easy-to-use folder structure
  • It is a depiction of straightforward solutions
  • It supports easy, hassle-free migration from server hosting to server hosting
  • You can apply a new functionality that doesn’t affect the customization at all
  • It provides suppleness and effortless management with an MVC based framework
  • Active Record Implementation is outstanding and easy to remember
  • It provides simple configuration and also customization of configuration files
  • It facilitates easy working with different kinds of developers
  • It consists of a good collection of possessed libraries
  • Excellent documentation of the user guide that helps coders to use the entire framework easily
  • It enables to integrate its own existing scripts and develop core libraries for the system
  • It is lightweight and widespread Thai user base
  • With the help of CodeIgniter, you can make synergistic, spontaneous, interactive, and proficient websites in no time
  • As CodeIgniter provides an extensive compatibility along with standard hosting accounts, configuration and typical coding rules are not needed
  • CodeIgniter uses a direct approach while handling models. The workings of CodeIgniter are very clear as well as open, hence it is easily understandable what is happening and therefore it is simple to use
  • It underpins the MVC approach to website development, i.e., a good practice philosophy that must be adhered by all developers
  • Using CodeIgniter, You can construct your own cleaner URI lines