E-commerce Solutions Are Most Popular In USA

It is apparent that there has been a fast growth in the acceptance of e-commerce by the USA people since last decade. Paradoxically, it is doable that this hasty growth may be impelled on by the collapse of various premature e-commerce companies during the year 2000.

Publicity is the main reason that hastens the understanding of the potentials of e-commerce. The e-commerce market has grown enormously in 2007 and the statistics show that U.S. e-commerce has increased around 3.5% of the total retail sales.

Let us discuss the reasons why e-commerce has become more popular in the USA.

Even though several reasons are there that attract customers to purchase online, convenience is the foremost reason. This is because the customers can able to purchase products from their offices without going out from office to physical stores. Moreover, they are also not required to wait for a mail-order salesperson to take their orders on products.

On the other hand, the private customers also get benefits from online shopping because they can able to purchase things even late in the night when they watch television or relax in other activities at home.

Apart from all these, e-commerce websites also provide all flexible tools to handle customers shopping. The e-commerce websites facilitate online shopping by providing various benefits such as building up the customer orders, tracking customer orders, creating and publishing wish lists, managing customers purchasing, etc.

A well-designed website gives great pleasure to customers when they navigate the menus on the website during online shopping. Nowadays, a large number of web development companies are available all over the world. Hence, almost all business owners are now concentrating on their business websites or e-commerce websites to compete with their competitors and also to attract more customers towards their websites.

Another important factor that made e-commerce successful is the various choices available for customers to choose their favorite products. Generally, business owners of niche products are very less and it is really difficult to search for the physical shops that sell the niche products. So, the web is the only source that helps private customers who are looking for niche products or rare products. As e-commerce solutions provide a wide range of products, the customers can able to find and get things whatever and whenever they want.

U.S. e-commerce was spending 209 billion dollars during the year 2009 and a 2% loss from the previous year. Conversely, they recovered their e-commerce sales in the year 2010 and grown up to 256 billion dollars in the year 2011. Moreover, it is expected that the U.S. e-commerce will reach 370 billion dollars in the year 2017.

In the United States, the growth in e-commerce spending is due to the factors such as the huge investments done by large retail chains, which is called as “omnichannel” efforts, which combine both web and mobile stores together as most of the customers using their tablets and mobile phones for shopping.

The statistics report says that e-commerce growth rates will get reduced in the year 2017 as the market grows and spending factor becomes larger. The report also says that only 4 million USA people are going to use online shopping in the current year. However, the existing online customers are going to drive the overall spending growth in the United States.