Best B2B Marketers Think like B2C Marketers

Suppose, if your product or service is unique, then it is easy for you to sell it to another business. However, most products or services are not unique, which makes the entire selling process very complex. Why?

Well, it is important to educate your potential customer about the offerings you provide and persuade them that your product or service is the best one when compared to your competitor’s product or service.

Moreover, you have to maintain the understandings of your potential customers about your product or service until they are ready to buy that might range from a few days to a few years.

In this world, business-to-business (B2B) marketers have the most complicated job of manipulating customers. The main objective of B2B marketers is educating the smart potential customers and ensuring that the influencers are having good knowledge about their products or services.

The ultimate goal of B2B marketers is just encouraging people for choosing their products or services than that of the competitors. It is obvious that when choosing a product, only the brand name strikes in the mind first. Hence, it becomes mandatory for B2B marketers to create a great brand recall.

Most competitors never make an effort to make the customers purchase their products immediately but rather they create brand recall that persuades the customers to buy the products or services in the future.

How do B2B marketers become successful?

The unsurpassed B2B marketers are always successful because they usually start by creating a brand. In other words, you can say that the best B2B marketers’ thoughts are always similar to business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers but with a twist.

The best B2B marketers understand exactly who the customers are and what influences them at the most. They recognize the core elements that influence purchase decision and they understand how to create and distribute messages based on those elements to targeted decision makers.

Moreover, the B2B marketers identify the case studies and practices required to eliminate the risk of the decision. The wise B2B marketers also know to create their marketing campaigns within the allotted budget.

So what are the key strategies that a B2B marketer can implement for success?

  • Build brand recall
  • Recognize your audience
  • Use visual effects to sell products/services
  • Maintain innovative consistency
  • Convey messages with a personal touch

The first step in a B2B marketing campaign is nothing but create call. As a B2B marketer, you need to create brand messages and campaigns that stick to your potential customers mind forever. Your messages must be creative and unique that makes you stand out from your competitors and also helps your customers to recall your product or service easily.

Next, recognize who your audiences are, and ensure that you don’t treat them as general consumers. As you are doing B2B marketing, your audiences are generally business professionals who always expect high-value, cost-effective and risk-averse products and services for their companies. So, understand your consumers’ requirements and consider the risks when building marketing strategies.

Another important strategy is using visual aids to sell your products or services. Because, generally, people always remember visual representations long after they recollect words. So, try to use images, videos, interactive banners or social advertisements to represent your products/services.

Also, thinking like a B2C marketer means trying out creative ideas and making them consistent across all marketing campaigns such as social media, paid advertisements, webinars, white papers, sales sheets and also your business website. To move customers down to the marketing funnel, try to synchronize your messaging in all media activities.

Finally, keep in mind that your audiences may be business people but not automatons. They too enjoy a good humor or a personal human touch. So, make sure that your marketing campaign should have a personal touch that must stay in your potential customers’ mind for a long time. By doing this, you can also differentiate your company’s product or service from the rest of your competitors.

As a B2B marketer, if you follow all the above mentioned key strategies, then you will be definitely rewarded with an extreme growth and shareholder value gains.